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A gray bedroom doesn't have to be boring!

Is already yoursgray bedroom and bed has not been chosen yet?
Or maybe you are just at the stage of color planning? Regardless of whether you move into a new home or just a bedroom rearranging, we will help. From the article you will learn how to arrange a gray bedroom and how to include a bed in the arrangement process.



Gray bedroom - why so fashionable


Gray is currently extremely fashionable in interior design. It is a color associated with simplicity, lightness and dignity. It does not pay attention, but it allows you to bring out other colors present in the room. It combines tradition with modern arrangement options. If gray were a person, he would feel good in every company and did not focus on himself too much.

The bedroom should be a room in which we calm down. Our oasis of peace. That is why in the bedroom we avoid flashy, overwhelming colors. If you want to arrange a room in gray, let it be a bedroom.

A gray bedroom doesn't have to be boring!


A bed for a gray bedroom

There are several issues that are worth considering when choosing a bed for a gray bedroom. Do you know the importance of the headboard? Why can wood be the best solution? If you are thinking about the issue of:gray bedroom A bed, Read the suggestions below.




Easy and quick change of the environment



Psychologists say that changing the environment is beneficial to man from time to time. Moving furniture in a room or a small change in decor can have a beneficial effect on our well -being. However, we cannot radically change the colors of the walls every few weeks. Gray gives you the ability to easily arrange a room when we replace several elements in it. It leaves us an open field to sometimes buy new decorations that will catch our eye. If we know that we like to change the appearance of the room from time to time, gray color is a perfect "frame" to do this.

Berke beds are solid and resistant to damage, so you can move them at will without fear of damage. Durable Berke furniture will survive more than one change😊.



Headboard - a key element



When choosing a bed, notice that the headboard and bedding attract attention. The color of the frame is slightly less important for the viewer. The headboard will create the perfect atmosphere of your bedroom. You can comfortably rely on them during quiet evenings with a book or movie.
We decide to the headrest not only for functional but also decorative reasons. The head of the bed is a decisive composition element of the bedroom. That is why we pay special attention to him in Berke. We advise: Choose the headboard cover carefully. Give yourself time to think about it. You have the opportunity Order of samples fabrics before the final purchase of the bed.

A gray bedroom doesn't have to be boring!



Wooden beds in a gray bedroom

If you dream of a bedroom kept in gray, you also have a choice wooden beds. Natural wood goes perfectly with a neutral color palette. Wooden elements in the bedroom are associated with the world of nature, inspire and calm down. That is why it is worth leaving visible wooden elements of the bed or other furniture. In the offer of our store outside the beds you will find: night tables, dressing table / desks and benches.


Berke bed models for a gray bedroom

Use our products to emphasize the character of your gray bedroom. When making a mess, you can configure your bed in terms of dimensions and upholstery colors.
For the gray bedrooms, for example, a model Slim with a navy blue, striking headboard. Another proposal is the model Con with a classic black headboard. Angel collection However, it is dedicated to those who like non -standard headboard shapes.



Gray bedroom colors


The bedroom kept in gray does not have to be monotonous or sad. Just add a few spicy accents and the interior will be revived. We advise on how to use color magic to create the greatest bedroom.



First of all, contrast


Contrary to our intuition, arrangements, where only one color is used, are not pleasant to the eye. It should not be that everything is gray and only the shade of gray changes. If you already have, for example bed with a container, Gray carpet and curtains, bed for bed in a different color. Add clear elements to gray, for example red or navy blue. Choose one brave color. Add -ons such as lamps, paintings, pillows can be maintained in this color.

A gray bedroom doesn't have to be boring!



Gray with other colors


Remember the principle of balance. If you decide on light gray, then red should be dark, firm. If you decide, while for dark gray, choose a delicate shade of red. It is worth mentioning here that painting the walls of the room in a dark variant of gray is not a good idea. The interior will seem very overwhelming, and will also optically reduce the room.

Other examples of colors that we can choose for gray are: pink, mint, turquoise, beige.
Because gray is a neutral color, you can choose the accompanying color or cold colors. A combination of gray with white and black is a timeless solution. This classic color set creates the impression of elegance and classics.



Your romantic bedroom


Pay attention to the color symbolism, remembering that the bedroom is a place of privacy and relaxation. Delicate shades of pink selected for the gray background will bring the mood of intimacy to the room. Nothing will make the bedroom as romantic as inviting a double bed. Remember that a bed for two must have a minimum width of 140 cm. In our offer you will find beds with a width: 140, 160, 180, 200, and even 210 or 220 cm.
Don't forget about a muffled light :).



Wooden bed - maybe a Scandinavian style?


Stick to one type of design. Do not mix styles that do not fit together. An example style in which we find gray bedrooms is the Scandinavian style. It is characterized by simplicity and bright colors that help optically brighten the room. Scandinavian style includes bright walls and floors. Furniture and accessories are made of natural materials, and are particularly eager to reach for wood.
The choice of beds can be a good solution here: Flat, Ol, SOM or  Short. They are made entirely of oak wood, which is characterized by timeless minimalism.


We try to make your bedroom maximum comfort, peace and rest. Are you a happy owner of a gray bedroom? We invite you to our online store to review the detailed offer