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Upholstered beds 1

Upholstered beds

The highest class, soft materials are irreplaceable when creating cozy and elegant bedroom arrangements.

Bet on high -quality upholstered beds, thanks to which your bedroom will become an ideal place to rest and relax.

Upholstered Storage Bed Con
Łóżko tapicerowane z pojemnikiem Con 1
Łóżko tapicerowane z pojemnikiem Con | Szenil 2
Upholstered Storage Bed Con From 3.489,00 PLN
Upholstered Storage Bed Slim
Łóżko tapicerowane z pojemnikiem Slim 1
Łóżko tapicerowane z pojemnikiem Slim | Szenil 2
Upholstered Storage Bed Slim From 3.753,00 PLN
Upholstered Storage Bed More
Łóżko tapicerowane z pojemnikiem More 1
Łóżko tapicerowane z pojemnikiem More | Szenil 2
Upholstered Storage Bed More From 3.639,00 PLN
Upholstered Bed Flat
Łóżko tapicerowane Flat 1
Łóżko tapicerowane Flat | Szenil 2
Upholstered Bed Flat From 1.907,00 PLN
Upholstered Storage Bed Flat
Łóżko tapicerowane z pojemnikiem Flat 1
Łóżko tapicerowane z pojemnikiem Flat 2
Upholstered Storage Bed Flat From 3.045,00 PLN
Upholstered Storage Bed Piko
Łóżko tapicerowane z pojemnikiem Piko 1
Łóżko tapicerowane z pojemnikiem Piko | Szenil 2
Upholstered Storage Bed Piko From 3.674,00 PLN
Upholstered Storage Bed Angel
Łóżko tapicerowane z pojemnikiem Angel 1
Łóżko tapicerowane z pojemnikiem Angel | Szenil 2
Upholstered Storage Bed Angel From 3.545,00 PLN
Upholstered Bed Angel
Łóżko tapicerowane Angel 1
Łóżko tapicerowane Angel | Szenil 2
Upholstered Bed Angel From 2.438,00 PLN
Upholstered Bed Slim
Łóżko tapicerowane Slim 1
Łóżko tapicerowane Slim beżowy - 2
Upholstered Bed Slim From 2.648,00 PLN
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10 years guarantee

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Delivery with lifting

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A bedroom bed should be comfortable, matching the interior design, but also functional. The clear leader in this respect are wooden beds with a container for bedding. That kind beds will work primarily in a small bedroom and in apartments where economy is important places. When choosing a bed with a container from berk, you can be sure that it will be solid, comfortable and constituting an integral part of the room.

Beds with storage for every interior

Beds with storage from berke are both traditional models and modern, which will also be used in children's and youth rooms. The design of our beds was based on a solid frame and a comfortable, fully comfortable mattress, thanks to which every night will be a pleasure, not a torment. Crate beds are also great convenience and space saving, because in the bedding container we can fit not only the bedding itself, but especially in in the case of larger, double beds, also other small things that often disrupt the space. Comfortable, solid wooden beds with storage are characterized by a special ribbed structure that will ensure proper air circulation for mattresses.

Wooden beds with a container for bedding - choose your dream model

A wide selection of this type of furniture in the shopberke gives us a lot possibilities. It depends only on us which bed with container will meet all our requirements and condition this dream model into the interior. Our range includes upholstered and wooden beds continental. All of them, of course, have a special container, which will often be a godsend for a cluttered bedroom. The beds we offer are distinguished by aesthetics, class and modern design, that will reach a wide audience. A bed with a container can therefore be a great base for creating any styling and interior design.

Bedroom bed with a container with a unique design

Berke beds with storage are a combination of fashionable style and the highest quality workmanship and an excellent level of convenience and comfort. If we add to it the amazing functionality thanks to chest for bedding, we create a perfect bed that everyone should have in their bed bedroom. In our store's offer you will find a wide range of products - from wooden beds to the upholstered ones. During the production of each of them, we use the latest technologies and innovative solutions. We also do not forget about current trends that are distinguished by their unique aesthetics and practicality. A bedroom bed with a container is undoubtedly a piece of furniture that will give the interior style, harmony and elegance.

Double bedroom bed with storage - a perfect solution for two

When choosing a bedroom bed, to a large extent we have to be guided interior design, convenience, comfort, but also the size of the bed. If we share a bedroom with a loved one, then of course we choose a double bed. However, an even better idea will be if we choose a double bed with a container that will not only look great, but will also fulfill its functional role. Thanks to this solution, we will save a lot of valuable space and sleep in a spacious and uncluttered room bedroom. A very good choice, especially in an elegant bedroom for two, can be a wooden one beds with a box, which will make the bedroom look stylish and modern at the same time luxuriously. At berke, we provide a huge selection of this type of beds for many years, which are available in both classic as well as slightly more bold forms and colors. Everything really depends on us needs and preferences.

Beds with storage are available in sizes: 140x200, 160x200, 180x200, 200x200.

Bedroom beds available not only in standard sizes are functional solution. Our offer includes beds for the bedroom, which provide easy access to the container. Bed provide extra space for clothes, pillows and other things. A bed with a container for bedding under the entire surface of the mattress is a good solution for storing sheetsi bedding. The space under the bed allows the cleaning robot to work. Pleasant in touch wood and upholsteredelements in different colorsch is the basis of our offer shop online. In our collection you will find both bed with storage (wooden and upholstered) - great solution for extra storage. Bedsberke is perfect furniture, which will work both in dayas well as at night and are a guarantee of comfortable sleeping.