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Material properties

We know that today's decisions affect the future of the planet. That is why we create our furniture with future generations in mind. We believe in their quality and durability. We source responsibly, searching for the most ecological materials we can find to minimize their harmful impact on the environment.

Pet Friendly

pet-friendly fabrics

We love pets, which is why we perfectly understand how important it is for every dog ​​or cat owner to clean furniture easily. Therefore, when ordering our furniture, you can choose one of the materials with the Pet Friendly mark, which are resistant to scratches and can be cleaned with water.

Have fun with your pet without worrying about damage. We tested the materials to confirm their resistance to puffs, which are caused by scratching. The results turned out to be very satisfactory! They are highly resistant to damage, although of course not indestructible. Take this into account if your pet starts biting or scratching them harder.

Magic Clean

magic clean fabrics

The Magic Clean certificate is awarded to materials with an advanced protective barrier, thanks to which any stains can be cleaned quickly and efficiently, without affecting the structure of the material.

You can easily get rid of stains with water. You do not need to use any detergents. This way you can take care of our planet.


water-repellent fabrics

Water-repellent materials have a special coating that makes it difficult to absorb spills, which also facilitates cleaning and extends their life. In case of spilling juice or coffee, the drops remain on the surface of the material, which allows them to be quickly absorbed with a paper towel.


recycled fabrics

Collections created to protect the environment and reduce the negative impact of production on the planet. Recycled PET bottles are used to produce the materials. The sustainable production process helps to reduce energy and water consumption and significantly reduces the carbon footprint emitted into the atmosphere.

Flame retardant

Flame retardant fabrics

Flame-retardant materials are characterized by very high resistance to fire, ensuring safety and comfort of use. Flame retardant materials tested with flame or heat do not ignite, they melt, thus preventing the fire from spreading further. In addition, they do not produce any gases that could cause ignition.