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Handmade craftsmanship

Responsibly managed forests - certificate


We know that today’s decisions have an impact on the future of the planet. We produce locally and with our own hands. We consciously choose the highest quality raw materials available on the market – we use FSC-certified wood that comes from responsibly managed forests. This allows us to work towards minimizing any negative environmental impact and reducing CO2 emissions without over-exploiting natural resources.



Our own carpentry workshop


We combine top quality with good design. We take into account functionality, comfort, durability, and many other factors that make furniture stay with you for years to come.
From the moment you place your order, we need 28 days to produce your piece.
Not even trying to conceal how proud we are, we can safely say that all our furniture is handmade. We cooperate with and support local suppliers. This is why we’ve established our own carpentry workshop. We’re both designers and constructors. We control every stage of production. We always look for new forms – we go beyond the standard aesthetics by experimenting and prototyping unconventional ideas. That’s why we’re ready to respond to any unusual needs and challenges thrown at us by customers, and to execute special orders.



We create for generations.


Beauty and functionality are our guiding criteria when selecting materials from which we design furniture. We’re aware that our choices will have a direct impact on the fate of future generations. We design in such a way that they can benefit from our work. We create items meant for generations and give things a second life. The raw materials from which we design come from recycling and are practical in use. Forget about detergents threatening the planet.

We repeat the word recycling like a mantra. Not only do we talk about it, but we also continuously implement planet-friendly solutions. We repair, sort, and reuse – it’s part of our DNA.

We’re convinced that we have a real influence on tomorrow. So we act today.
Join us and, together, let’s build a better future.