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Custom made dressing tables

Explore the possibilities for modifying your dressing table at berke.+
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Oak Dressing Table Lili No. 1 customize
Oak Dressing Table Lili No. 2 customize

Customized dressing table

Adjusted to your needs dressing table for cosmetics, adjust the dimensions of furnitureto your home. Decorate your interior with a modernapproach to arrangement hall.

Use the space and take care of the functionality and easyuse of the dressing table on a daily basis.

Kingdom in your bedroom - custom berke dressing tables

A custom-made dressing table provides an original place for a vase with flowers. NO not only functional but also beautiful dressing table for make-upi care.

Stylish dressing tables tailored to your interior

Your morning and evening care routine becomes more enjoyable with a properly fitted dressing table todimension. We meet your expectations and adjust dressing tables to each specific one room.

In dressing tableyou will find a perfect complement to other furnitureberke brand. Every a roomwill benefit from the presence of a dressing table. The classic shape and timeless forms will add charm inside, and consolewith drawersplaced in living room will serve as an additional tabletop to display accessories for your interior.

Wooden dressing table for storing cosmetics

Check out our online store and match the dressing table to your room. Available dimensionsmake thedressing table fitto almost any interior. We are sure that the piece of furniture from the Lili series will meet many of your needs and help keepin order in the bedroom.

Modern dressing tables as a complement to the Berke furniture set

Bedroomwith a custom-made dressing table is an ideal place forgrooming. You don't have to changethefurniture every few years. Berke furniture is a decision and an investment years. The bedroom dressing tables available in our offer are a guarantee of quality. Each order is processed with attention to the smallest detail. We are proud that together we can create the interior of your bedroom.

Berke bedroom furniture can be cleaned with a cloth slightly moistened with water.

Your place to work and do makeup

Need extra storage space? Thanks to thedressing table, the size of the room ising They will gain a piece of furniture that is both stylish and functional.

Dressing tableor desk? Furniture from our offer may meet these 2 requirements functions simultaneously. You no longer need a separate room for work. Use the spaceof your home and arrangethe dressing tablefor storing cosmeticsas desk.

Custom-made dressing table as a 2-in-1 piece of furniture - dressing table and desk

Multiple uses of Berke dressing tables. Don't limit yourself to other solutions. Dressing table Complemented witha mirrorit can be a great place not only for doing things make-upor hair styling

Easy change of functions of Berke dressing tables allows you to quickly adaptthe furnitureto work. On You will find enough space for books on the countertop, laptop or monitor.

Hanga mirrorover the dressing table and change your habits. In the bathroomoften not we have good daylight. Makeup and care will be more effective, e.g. in the bedroom, where we have large hair more often windows and, consequently, a source of daylight.

Free up extra bathroom space and store allcosmeticsinthe drawers toilets. The Berke dressing table will be appreciated not only by a modern woman who appreciates functionality of the furniture, but also anyone who loves classic shapes in furniture.

Dressing drawers provide additional storage space in every room

Go beyond the box and move some of your hair care outside the bathroom. Although in the bathroom you will find amirror, nothing stops you from hanging it over the dressing table.

Dressing tables are a type of furniture that we associate with relaxation and time for ourselves. Right next to them we prepare for important events in our lives. As a company that has been dealing with furniture for many years, we can ensure that drawersin size dressing tables will help organize the necessary accessories and thanks to them you will avoid many moments of frustration, because all supplies of cosmetics will be properly orderly.