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About us

We’re berke.

Out of respect for the environment, interpersonal relations, and people’s work, we’ve created berke.   – a Polish brand of bedroom furniture lovingly crafted in Lower Silesia. Our product range includes wooden and upholstered beds, nightstands, dressing tables, desks, and benches. But we don’t stop there. Our range is the perfect complement to any home’s rooms whether they’re intended for relaxation or work.

We do not accept compromises. We’re aware that our choices will have a direct impact on the fate of future generations. We believe that every one of us can take responsibility for the purchasing decisions that shape our environment – not only in terms of ecology. So, before we put a new piece of furniture on the market, that piece has to fulfil a long list of requirements. Whatever it takes to make the lives of us all more beautiful and healthy!


Our responsibility

Design and care for the environment can go hand in hand. We are the best example of that. We design items for generations. When creating our furniture, we choose materials of the highest quality, thanks to which they stay with our customers for longer. We vouch for their quality. We guarantee they will endure at least 10 years after purchase.

Good quality and classic solutions never go out of fashion. We know that it’s not every day you make decisions about your interior design. We give you 30 days to test whether your new piece of furniture meets your expectations. This is enough to get to know berke. :)


Sustainable design

We produce our furniture in accordance with the philosophy of sustainable design, i.e., keeping in mind how it’ll affect our shared future and the fate of the planet. We want to be creators of changes that reverse the harmful design trends of the past by combining the classic style with a modern and functional approach to design and ecology.

These aren’t just empty words. Our philosophy translates into how we work. We pack our shipments without plastic. We segregate waste and reduce the amount of paper we use. We drink tap water :). We’re ready to seriously engage in the fight for the fate of this planet.


Ecological and functional materials

Beauty and functionality are our guiding criteria when selecting materials from which we design furniture. We create items meant for generations and give things a second life. The raw materials from which we design come from recycling and are practical in use. Our durable Hydrophobic fabrics prevent water absorption, those from the Pet Friendly series protect against scratches caused by your four-legged friends, whereas fabrics marked as Magic Clean can be wiped clean using nothing more than a cloth and some water. Forget about detergents threatening the planet.

We repeat the word recycling like a mantra. Not only do we talk about it, but we also continuously implement planet-friendly solutions. We repair, sort, and reuse – it’s part of our DNA.


Handmade craftsmanship

We combine top quality with good design. We take into account functionality, comfort, durability, and many other factors that make furniture stay in your home for years to come.

We’ve established our own carpentry workshop. We’re both designers and constructors. We control every stage of production. We always look for new forms – we go beyond the standard aesthetics by experimenting and prototyping unconventional ideas. That’s why we’re ready to respond to any unusual needs and challenges thrown at us by customers, and to execute special orders.


Kindness and trust

We put sincere relations first. We’ll answer all your questions and dispel any doubts. We’re involved in the decision-making process – we give tips, advice, and look for the best solutions together. We know perfectly well the properties of our fabrics and wood, but it’s you who knows your needs best, so don’t hesitate to tell us about them.

We’re ready for feedback. We want our furniture to serve you as best it can and for as long as possible, so your opinion is hugely important to us.