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Custom made nightsands

Explore the possibilities for table modifications at berke.+
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Customised products take part in the action SALE - 30% on beds and -25% on other furniture.
Oak Nightstand Naby No. 1 customize
Oak Nightstand Natt No. 1 customize
Oak Nightstand Cube No. 2 customize
Oak Nightstand Tabb No. 1 customize
Oak Coffee Table Kou | 45 customize

Custom-made tables made of solid wood

Match a wooden table to your bedroom. The dimensions of the table withoak topcan be adjusted to your bedroom.

We made each table to match the Berke furniture set.

Solid wood as an element of nature in your bedroom

Adjust the wood color to your needs. Tables made of oak wood

Oak is the most frequently chosen wood species among Europeans

Of all the wood species, we prefer oak.

Other popular species include alder, ash (solid ash wood) and walnut.

Woodavailable in our offer is the highest quality solid oak wood (not made of beams of old wood orsolid old wood).

If you compare oak withany other wood, you will find out that no other wood has equals in terms of value for money.

Coffee and bedside table made of solid wood

We do not usesolid old wood. We make sure thatwoodis used for production custom-made tables were of the highest quality.

You can never have enough solid wood

By looking at the structure of wood slices, interesting conclusions can be drawn. One of them is appropriate hardness of oak wood used to produce custom-made bedside tables.

Wood - the best raw material for bedroom furniture

Natural wood cracksdo not occur in our raw materials. Properly selected solids woodis protected against external factors.

Oak - price-quality ratio

The price-quality and aesthetic ratio is unrivaled. Our native solid wood is superior otherwoodwhen it comes to interior use.

Tables of any size made ofwoodhave a top allowing for exhibition ornaments and decorations for your apartment.

Antique gold in accessories fits perfectly with custom-made tables made ofwooden beams.

Advantages of oak tables over those with glass tops

Even though we have safety glass available on the market, most people do not choose tables made of glass top. Oak furniture is safer if you have children or pets.

You can be more calm with a furniture setwith a wooden top than with e.g. coffee table with glass top.

Furniture made of wooden beams is perfect for a modern style.

We will be happy to make a table with two drawers on metal legs. Price of the table depends on its dimensions and production technology. We can also make tables tailored to interiors for children and teenagers. Berke furniture is an eco-friendly decision.

Creating furniture in our "eco manufaktura" gives us satisfaction not only with the production of the furniture itself, but also to provide furniture that will last for years.

Custom-made oak coffee tables

Properly matched table dimensions can make the bedside table available in the Berke offer it could also be used as acoffee table.

Berke tables are primarily loft, boho, japandi and minimalist tables. Adjust the size of the table to yours space and enjoy the benefits of having a table in industrial style.

Table of any dimensions and any color

We can make a table tailored toyour needs. Choose any wood color available in our offer and furniture made ofsolid woodwill be perfect for your interior.

Enjoy an indestructible countertop for years.

Woodis characterized by the fact that it retains all its properties for many years. It's enough that If you take proper care of it, it will serve you for several generations. Its finishing even eliminates natural wood cracks.

The countertop is made of wood. We have eliminated the so-calledglassfrom our production safe. Although countertops finished withsafe glassare quite popular, nothing is is able to compare with the wooden one top.

Custom tables in a square

The price of the table depends on the highest quality materials available in our offer.

Berke tables match industrial and Japanese style interiors. We can adjust legs to the table metal

You can achieve the "old wood" effect by choosing Rustic wood color. It gives wood a unique shade that suits the bedroom, e.g. in the loft style, rustic or even boho.

The table top is made of solid oak wood. Just like the body and legs. In Berke we focus on quality, which is why we make our furniture from solid oak wood. Wooden or metal legsperfectly match natural-colored wood.

Old wood effect for a rustic bedroom

If you dream of a rustic-style bedroom, we have the perfect solution for you!

Choose the most suitable color for the table, i.e. Rustic. Countertop like this the table will highlight all accessories made of natural materials or metal bowls basis

Bedside tables matching beds with a metal frame

The Som bed model available in our offer in industrial style will fit perfectly with a custom-made table in a warm wood color. Berke wooden tables will become a set functional s of your bedroom.

Ordering a table (what table dimensions should you choose)

Use the contact form to find out the price of the bedside table/table coffee. We will prepare an individual offer for you and send you a link to order.

If you have any doubts about which table to choose, please contact us. We will be happy to help you adjustthe table to your interior.

Berke tables - custom-made furniture

Some models of tables available in our offer can be used not only as bedside tables, but also as coffee tables, which are perfect for a corner with an armchair and a bookcase.

You don't have to worry about the glass top being damaged by a cup of hot tea. Modern The Berke coffee table is more durable than a coffee table with a glass top. Additionally, it is easier to keep clean.

Custom-made furniture in Berke.

Custom-made furniture available in our offer includes mainly beds, tables, bedside tables, dressing tables, benches and stools. A product from the Tables category can be used as a side table.

With Berke you will create the perfect bedroom, tailor-made and tailored to your individual needs.

An industrial table with two drawers can be used as a dream coffee table. Square table it will work better than around coffee table - it is easier to fit into the interior and will fit more cups, glasses and plates on the table top.

Highlighting wooden beams in a boho interior

Custom-made tables will emphasize the boho style in the interior, where a wooden top often dominates beams.

The effect of old wood is often emphasized with pearl epoxy resin. We offer more ecological solutions and we finish our products with natural wax oils.