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Custom made beds

Explore the bed modification options at berke.+
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Oak Storage Bed Slim customize
Oak Bed Slim customize
Oak Bed Flat customize
Upholstered Storage Bed Slim customize
Oak Bed Slim | Lite customize
Oak Storage Bed Flat | Lite customize
Oak Bed Flat | Lite customize
Upholstered Storage Bed More customize
Oak Storage Bed Flat customize
Upholstered Storage Bed Flat customize
Oak Storage Bed Slim | Lite customize
Oak Bed Ol.WOOD customize
Upholstered Bed Flat customize
Oak Storage Bed Piko customize
Upholstered Storage Bed Con customize
Upholstered Bed Angel customize
Upholstered Bed Slim customize
Oak Storage Bed More customize
Oak Bed Con customize
Oak Storage Bed Ol.WOOD customize
Oak Bed Shortie customize
Upholstered Storage Bed Piko customize
Oak Bed Angel customize
Oak Storage Bed Angel customize
Upholstered Storage Bed Angel customize
Oak Bed Con customize
Upholstered Bed Con customize
Upholstered Storage Bed Piko | 1.40 customize
Oak Storage Bed Piko | 1.40 customize
Oak Storage Bed Koku customize

Custom-made beds tailored to your bedroom

When choosing a custom-made bed, the most important thing is to decide what size of bed will fit best to your bedroom.

Pay special attention to the mattresses in our offer.

We produce custom-made beds

A custom-made bed for everyone. Bed for short people, bed for tall people, beds for singles, beds for couples, beds for teenagers, children's beds. Literally beds for everyone, tailored to everyone's needs.

What products do we modify? Almost all of them are available in our offer, including wooden beds and upholstered beds.

If you are looking for custom-made furniture for your bedroom, you've come to the right place. At Berke we produce custom-made beds, custom-made tables, custom-made dressing tables, custom-made benches, custom-made stools.

Equip your bedroom with quality furniture tailored to your interior and your individual needs.

Which bed to choose? Wooden bed or upholstered bed?

For some people, choosing an upholstered bed is the only option they consider. However, it's also worth taking a look wooden beds available in our offer, which may fit better into your interior.

Healthy sleep in a comfortable bed of unusual size

Decorate your bedroom with a bed that will support your sleep and therefore be an appropriate support for recharging your batteries for the coming day.

Get rid of the frustration associated with unstable furniture in popular sizes available in every store.

At Berke, we meet the expectations of each client and match the bed to the person, never the other way around.

Additional storage space can accommodate many bedding, suitcases and numerous blankets

A Berke bed with storage space supplemented with a properly fitted mattress will significantly improve your situation sleep quality.

Custom-made beds from our offer are characterized by properly matched materials and the dimensions of the bed have a positive impact not only on the overall appearance of the bedroom, but above all on the maximum optimized sleep time.

If you are even a little interested in sleep, you know that it is not only the quantity of sleep that matters, but also the quality of sleep.

Often, to achieve high quality sleep, we need to calm down in a room that will be tidy and tidy calm.

In such cases, both an upholstered bed and a wooden bed with a container that will work perfectly it will accommodate all the unnecessary things that could negatively affect the peace that we all want to achieve before sleep.

Do you have any questions about your project?

Contact us if you hesitate between choosing a bed with or without a container. His choice because it determines many other functions that you need to consider when choosing a bed.

Which made-to-measure beds are the most popular?

The bedroom bed is a vast topic. Sleep is one of the most important elements of our lives and has an impact on it all other aspects during each day.

You can equip the bedroom with bookshelves and add plants that will give the bedroom a cozy look.

However, it can certainly be said that upholstered beds have been the most popular for many years wooden beds.

Wooden beds with container have recently gained more and more popularity, because they are perfect for boho and japandi style interiors.

Get great pleasure even in smaller rooms

Remember that each berke piece of furniture can be adapted to your bedroom. Order custom-made beds runs quickly and efficiently.

Each custom-made bed is made to your individual order.

Fill out the contact form and within a maximum of 1 business day you will receive a quote and a direct link to it orders.

Let's take care of the quality of sleep together.

Regardless of whether you choose an upholstered bed with a container, or perhaps you already know that wood will suit your interior better, remember to consider all features of the bed.

The size of a custom-made bed is one of the aspects that require the most attention. According depending on whether 1 or 2 people are to sleep in the bed, we must appropriately adjust the size of thecustomized bed to your height.

The size of the bed must also be appropriately matched to the mattress and the interior in which the bed will be located.

With a custom-made bed, you can also choose the right headboard for the walls (including slopes) that your bedroom.

Our offer includes headrests both upholstered and wooden. Combining them with oak or upholstered furniture frame and a properly selected mattress are the perfect combination in the bedroom of every modern woman.

Choose comfort and your arrangement

When choosing a custom-made bed, pay attention to the type of upholstery fabric. Upholstered furniture with bedding container will be perfect for a home where comfort is important.

A double bed with additional storage space (e.g. for spare bedding for guests) is most often a bed with drawers or a bed with storage.

At Berke, we decided to add a container to the beds, which is much more durable than a solution with retractable containers.

Additional storage in the form of a container is also a more optimal solution, because the structure of the bed allows for storing more things.

Cozy bedroom in the attic.

Are you looking for furniture for an attic bedroom? We can reduce the height of the headboard to make your bed dreams come true to size adapted to the slopes (knee walls).

Both wooden beds and upholstered beds will work well in unusual situations spaces. As we well know, the bedroom is often an unstable space. That's why we're going out of our way requirements of our customers and we create the most comfortable solutions that you can use in the bedroom.

Upholstered headboards deserve special attention

If you are considering buying an upholstered bed, you have found the perfect offer. Comfortable furniture that fits perfectly you can find the one for your bedroom at

An upholstered bed is an idea for you if you want to create a cozy bedroom in which you will spend long autumn afternoons with a book in your hand and a cup of hot tea.

Adapt the mattress to your needs

The upholstered furniture from our offer is something you can choose if you are interested in quality sleep. We encourage you to use the contact form. We will prepare an offer tailored to your expectations. Regardless of whether you choose an upholstered bed or choose another custom-made bed available in berke offer, we will do everything to bring peace and harmony to your bedroom.

A custom-made bed is a particularly good solution for apartments in modern buildings. Market trends real estate clearly shows that the spaces we live in are getting smaller every year. Bright wood or beige or cream upholstered sides of the bed made to measure will help significantly contribute to the visual appearance enlarging small spaces.

Custom-made beds with storage are also an ideal base for white bedding. You can highlight the upholstery material light bedding and brighten up the bedroom interior.

The size of the bed will be adjusted to even the most awkward and small spaces.

The set also includes a bedside table with a drawer that will accommodate all the essentials next to the bed things. You can equip the drawer with additional containers for organization.

Regardless of which piece of furniture you choose, we provide a 10-year manufacturer's warranty on Berke furniture, both wooden and upholstered ones.