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Wooden dressing tables 1

Wooden dressing tables

Elegant and universal, they are a perfect complement to the female space.

The delicate and simple form of the Lili collection makes you easily find a place for her in your interior.

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Oak Dressing Table Lili No. 1
Oak Dressing Table Lili No. 1
Oak Dressing Table Lili No. 1
Oak Dressing Table Lili No. 1 From 2.834,00 PLN
Oak Dressing Table Lili No. 2
Toaletka dębowa Lili No. 2 2
Toaletka dębowa Lili No. 2 4
Oak Dressing Table Lili No. 2 From 3.464,00 PLN

Elegant and universal, they are the perfect complement to a woman's space. A delicate and simple form Lili collection makes it easy to find a place for it in your interior.

After many years of drought, dressing tables have returned in a big way and are now becoming almost mandatory a piece of furniture that must be in our bedroom. It not only allows for comfortable and calm performance makeup by a woman, but it also has an aesthetic and very practical function - thanks to the drawers, we can conveniently store it way to store numerous cosmetics and jewelry .

The dressing table is also a very universal piece of furniture that will work well in virtually any bedroom. We can choose those with a mirror and a large number of drawers, or those for the bathroom, where there is often no additional mirror we already need it.

In the case of the former, we can talk about a real renaissance. Not only that, such dressing tables with The mirror looks very stylish and allows you to store cosmetics and cosmetics in one place jewelry.

In the case of a bathroom dressing table, we can of course choose one with a built-in mirror, but also this one without a mirror (if the mirror is already hung on the wall).

Dressing tables href="">dębowe – why are they so adored?

Dressing tables are, after all, a very feminine piece of furniture, so we should absolutely not be surprised that the fair sex eats so much loves. Although dressing tables were out of fashion for many years, they have recently come back into favor with redoubled force! This type of furniture will be perfect, especially in a larger bedroom, but also in... in smaller spaces it will fulfill its role perfectly because it can be a dressing table and at the same time a desk with a large number of drawers for documents and, of course, cosmetics. In addition, the dressing table will find looks very good in the bathroom or dressing room.

Currently, dressing tables are used primarily for applying makeup and styling hair. Thanks We can also store small things in the drawers. Some of them look very much like desks with a mirror and this is often its purpose, especially when we dream of a dressing table in a smaller apartment, where we don't have much space.

A wooden dressing table made of solid material adds class and elegance to the interior. The wood is beautiful it harmonizes with, among others, plants or the adjacent mirror. Berke products are a choice of the highest quality and a tribute to side of nature and ecology. We are a manufacturer, not a distributor, so we can influence anyone, even the smallest stage of production of our furniture. We carefully take care of every element that comes out of our hands.

Wooden dressing tables - what are their advantages?

A dressing table is, above all, a necessary and original piece of furniture that can be used for many things. That's what makes him a universal place with a number of advantages. An investment in a dressing table, regardless of whether we place it in bedroom, dressing room or bathroom will pay off very quickly. Below we present some reasons why it is worth buying a wooden dressing table :

  • it gives the impression of a very elegant and luxurious piece of furniture, even though its cost is not relatively high,

  • thanks to special drawers , we have a lot of space for storing change cosmetics and jewelry that otherwise get lost easily and are often scattered all over the place room,

  • it is a women's corner where we feel comfortable and can do it in a convenient way take care of yourself in the morning and evening,

  • can be a private space for women, which will be especially appreciated in a small room apartment,

  • It can be a beautiful place in any room, decorated with flowers.

A wooden dressing table is a great 2-in-1 solution

A dressing table is mainly a feminine piece of furniture , but as we know, necessity is a perfect mother inventions, therefore in smaller houses, apartments, and especially studio apartments, brown The dressing table is perfect as a 2-in-1 solution, i.e. a dressing table with a small function desks . We often see this solution in hotels, where we can make changes in one place morning care, but we are also able to work in front of the computer during the day. Such the piece of furniture can therefore be placed in a youth room, a private bedroom, but also in the living room. It is it's a perfect place when we need to sit down at the computer for a while after returning from work , but... We don't want to confine ourselves to four walls and isolate ourselves from other household members. Unfortunately, there is also one such solution a major disadvantage. Having a wooden, brown dressing table for both make-up and work , we must always maintain thorough cleanliness and clean up any messes.

Wooden dressing table - solid wood furniture is a guarantee of quality

Drawers are the perfect place for your favorite cosmetics and other trinkets . Dressing tables wooden berks are distinguished not only by their quality, but above all by their appearance. New version classic form decorated with metal handles (available in black or gold). Greater depth dressing table allows you to use it as a desk. A desk is usually associated with an unsightly element interior design, but in the case of Berke dressing tables, the appearance of the furniture not only does not disfigure the interior, but above all it will highlight and diversify everyone.

Our wooden dressing tables will work particularly well in stylish interiors Scandinavian . The dressing table is made of wood . Both her body and legs are highest quality Polish oak wood. Light wax highlights the natural color of the oak. The countertop is made entirely made of wood .

Wooden dressing table made of oak as a console in the corridor

Consoles made of wood attract attention, especially in stylish interiors Scandinavian . Each dressing table model available in the Berke offer is the dot on the i stylish interiors. Berke's furniture range will decorate any interior.

Until recently, having furniture made entirely of wood was associated with being clumsy and very clumsy high prices. At Berke we meet this challenge. You will find a wide range in our offer furniture in various colors , where high quality furniture goes hand in hand with a competitive price.

Wooden furniture and safe delivery

Furniture , especially that made of oak, requires special attention when it comes to safety during the transport. At Berke, we ensure thorough protection of all elements made of wood . Guided by the safety of product transport,

Oak is a wood that definitely wins in the comparison: price vs. quality. Light wax additionally strengthens the top of a wooden dressing table.

Adjust the dimensions of the wooden dressing table

At the customer's request, we can change the depth, width or height of each piece of furniture. We are the manufacturer of all furniture available on our website. If you care about high-quality furniture tailored to yours interiors, look no further.

Add the products you choose to your cart and enjoy the unique look of your home .

Practical wooden dressing table in Scandinavian style

All wooden dressing tables available in our offer fit perfectly into the style Scandinavian. The Berke wooden dressing table also suits modern and Japanese style interiors. Placed in front of a mirror in a well-lit place, it will be perfect as a place for makeup. Thanks to yours The simple form of Berke furniture will emphasize the appearance of your bedroom. The wooden dressing table has depth enabling work on a laptop. The drawers it is equipped with wooden dressing table, will help you organize the accessories needed for work , including cables, pens and notebook.