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Wooden coffee tables 1

Wooden coffee tables

Get to know berke wooden coffee tables. Hand-made of solid wood, they will emphasize the style of a living room in an industrial style, colonial style or Japanese style. Discover wooden furniture and emphasize the classic character of your home.
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Oak coffee table Kou | 45
Stolik kawowy dębowy Kou | 45 1
Stolik kawowy dębowy Kou | 45 2
Oak coffee table Kou | 45 908,00 PLN
Oak Bench Bubo No. 1
Ławka dębowa Bubo No. 1
lawka debowa stolik kawowy modernistyczny
Oak Bench Bubo No. 1 2.314,00 PLN
Oak coffee table Moo No. 1
Stolik kawowy dębowy Moo No. 1 1
Stolik kawowy dębowy Moo No. 1 2
Oak coffee table Moo No. 1 1.613,00 PLN
Oak coffee table Kou | 60
Stolik kawowy dębowy Kou | 60 1
Oak coffee table Kou | 60
Oak coffee table Kou | 60 1.071,00 PLN
Custom coffee tables

Adjust the dimensions of the coffee tables.

Oak Bench Bubo No. 2
Ławka dębowa Bubo No. 2 1
Ławka dębowa Bubo No. 2 2
Oak Bench Bubo No. 2 3.112,00 PLN
Oak coffee table Kou | 75
Stolik kawowy dębowy Kou | 75 cm 1
Stolik kawowy dębowy Kou | 75 cm 2
Oak coffee table Kou | 75 1.207,00 PLN

Wooden coffee tables made of solid wood

If you are looking for a coffee table made of natural wood that will last for many years, choose solid furniture wood. Classic wooden coffee tables available in our offer will add a cozy atmosphere to the interior of the living room.

Wooden coffee table in industrial style

Coffee tables are a great solution that will work well when you plan to enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea with friends.

A table with a wooden top is a perfect choice when you want to create a combination of classic and elegance.

Rediscover the role of wooden coffee tables in apartments

Wooden products are an excellent option for alternative materials. Wood and a table are a perfect combination a unique effect not only in the bedroom, but also in the interior of the living room.

The interiors of houses will gain modern elements in the form of unique furniture.

Unique table in Scandinavian style

Wooden table for interiors where simplicity and minimalism are important. Choose a classic living room. Wood is a material, that never goes out of fashion. A piece of furniture made of solid wood will emphasize the severity of the Scandinavian style.

Add natural materials in your living room

An interesting proposition for homes are benches and countertops made of wood. Check out the wooden tables in our offer. We are sure that you will find solid tables tailored to your needs.

Wooden coffee table for modern rooms

Wooden coffee tables in a colonial style are a timeless classic. The offer includes both interior furniture both modern and classic. The colonial style of your interior will be emphasized by the wooden top of the coffee table.

Details in retro-style apartments

In your home, choose wooden furniture. A vintage-style wooden coffee table will add style and elegance to the interior.

Introduce a unique atmosphere to the interior with a modern Scandinavian style of furniture

Handmade wooden furniture is a perfect proposition for minimalists. The type of wood is very important here. We focus on solid oak that will last for generations.

The tables are made entirely in Poland. We are the manufacturer of all coffee tables in our offer.

The combination of oak and vintage style is

Give more meaning to your dining room. Choose a rectangular coffee table as an additional display countertop accessories in the interior.

Wooden coffee tables as a unique piece of furniture

Retro or industrial style interior? A wooden coffee table is a solution for every home.

Highlight the space by choosing wooden furniture. Coffee tables for the living room available in our offer add a unique touch to the interior only additional functional space, but also an aesthetic addition emphasizing style and character space.

Wooden tables with solid oak legs

Oak tabletop on solid wood legs is a classic for your living room. As you probably know, wood is one of the best furniture materials you can choose for your apartment.

Solid wood tables, especially coffee tables, are an element of interior design that can transform living room space.

Give yourself a bit of luxury with coffee tables

Make a cup of your favorite coffee, place it on a wooden coffee table and relax in your favorite armchair.