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Aneta Mielczarek - interior designer with a passion for ...

Muddy Aurelia.


table Purchase   Angel 
After spending time with Aneta, the first thing I noticed is colors that can revive the most severe interior.


B.: What architect inspired you the most?
Aneta: Architect, Ricardo Bofill and his utopian postmodern architecture. Living in Spain, I visited one of his most famous buildings - La Muralla Roja, and I was very impressed.


B.: How much stay in Spain influenced your perception of space?

Aneta:The southern interiors have more slack and freedom, they are not so studied.

They are comfortable, such to live. Designers there do not approach interior design so seriously and reproductive, but rather with greater fantasy and freedom.


Traditional materials known for years use in an unexpected way. It is beautiful



B.: What is a responsible design for you?

Aneta:When we produce new products, of course, a carbon trail remains. The question is how to act so that it is as few as possible?

- long use of the product for use; If we are already using raw material, let the furniture last for years, let the quality and design be good enough so that subsequent users could not only but also want to use it ...

- Re-use, furniture that can be renewed, repainted, so solid enough to serve subsequent generations.


 Aneta Mielczarek - interior designer with a passion for

B.: Tell us about the colors in your bedroom.



Aneta Mielczarek - interior designer with a passion for


B: Give us a few reasons why you chose the Angel bed and the purchase table?

Aneta: table 


B.: The night table is for you ....?
It allows you to accumulate and conveniently reach for all evening and morning "dump". But to be nice, I don't like to have too much on it, so I appreciate the drawer in which I stuff what is not nice but necessary.
Every morning my husband set coffee prepared for me so that I could start my day slowly.

Today I saw the perfect slogan about me: D "I'm not a Morning Person” [laughter]


B.: What do you pay special attention to in bedroom projects?

Aneta:In each designed room, I first analyze its function and possible systems. In the bedroom it is important for me to set the bed, find a place for him where we will feel safely prisoner, where nothing worries us. The place from which we can observe both the entrance to the room and look at the window in the morning. The selection of lighting, colors and fabrics, cozy, with a deep structure, giving relief, improving acoustics and suppressing the city's sounds, but tailored to the tenant's expectations and lifestyles. I analyze whether he needs silencing after e.g. a hard day's work, and thus the use of dark color and building the lighting climate, and maybe he feels safer in light colors and needs colorful accents that add energy in the morning.




Noble materials, natural, and nicely aging. Wood, brass, stone, but also new designs and shapes as well as crazy colorful and designer recycled plastic. There is a bit of it [laughs]. I like unobvious!


Aneta:I spend a lot of time brushing, for example, on Instagram.

I was looking for accounts of creators motivating to act in business. I found many inspiring profiles, including Berke. With local production based on a solid craft, which I value amazingly, or recently Shamshiri studio - with very original individual projects.

Aneta Mielczarek - interior designer with a passion for


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