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Bedroom bench - advantages, use, arrangements

Bedroom bench - advantages, use, arrangements


When traveling and sleeping in hotels, we have probably come across a very interesting solution in the bedroom many times. It was a special bench, standing by the bed in the bedroom. Usually without any backrest and placed just in front of the bed. It is usually made of the same material as the bed frame and is additionally upholstered from above. The bedroom bench is a trend that started in the United States. It was from across the ocean that he came to European hotels, and then to our apartments and houses. Such an element of interior design will work especially in a large bedroom, but also in a studio apartment, thanks to which we can save some space, thus resigning from armchairs or an additional sofa.


Bedroom bench - advantages, use, arrangements


Bench in front of the bed - where did the idea come from?

As we mentioned at the very beginning, the idea of ​​​​a bench in the bedroom in front of the bed came to the old continent from the United States, although it was also available in British interiors for a long time. Interestingly, if we go to a museum or an open-air museum, we can see similar benches there, which were very popular years ago. The bench in front of the bed used to be a kind of extension. This was due to the superstitions they professed. Well, many people had fears of ... death! Yes, once the beds were too short, because it was believed that lying down comfortably and horizontally to sleep was a kind of invitation to meet the Grim Reaper...

Currently, a bench in front of the bed is an increasingly popular piece of furniture also in Polish homes. First, the bench spread as an additional storage space in the hall. It was also used to put on shoes. More and more people use this model also in the bedroom. We can dress on it, but also arrange clothes.


Bench in the bedroom - how to choose?

If we want to choose a bench for the bedroom well, we should first of all answer a few questions, thanks to which we will be aware and sure of our choice.

First, we need to determine the function of the bench in the bedroom. It can be a purely decorative element, it can be an additional place for blankets, books or bedding, but it can also be used to get dressed after waking up.

Next, let's measure the bedroom, measure the distance from the door, the exact width of the mattress and the height of the bed legs. We will need it when choosing a bench . It draws attention to itself and will probably be in the center of the bedroom upon entering the bedroom. Therefore, it should not disturb the proportions and space in any way. The bench in front of the bed should not be higher or wider than it, and for functional reasons, it should not protrude beyond the bed frame.

Finally, we should match the bench to the arrangement of the entire bedroom. The seat should be an integral part of the room. Remember that both the bench matters, but also what we intend to put on it. A fluffy blanket or pillows matched to the curtains - all this can affect the final reception.


Bedroom bench - advantages, use, arrangements


A seat by the bed - why is it worth choosing?

A bench in the bedroom is a piece of furniture that will definitely work in glamor or art deco bedrooms. Seats with short legs by the bed will also look great in an elegant and stylish living room. Such minimalist accessories look beautiful and emphasize the character of the interior. They harmonize very well with a large interior, where there is also an armchair or pouffes. What's more, the bench itself may have a slightly different design. The color can also be slightly different than the bed frame, thanks to which we will introduce some variety to the bedroom. The price of the bench depends largely on what material we choose and whether we are looking at upholstered benches or benches made entirely of wood.


Bedroom bench - advantages, use, arrangements