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Foam or spring mattress - which one should you choose?

Sleep is definitely one of the most important activities in our lives. It affects our functioning and mood during the day. To make it fully comfortable, it is necessary to choose the best mattress that will meet our expectations. On the market we currently have a huge selection of mattresses, and in specialized stores we will receive professional advice, where our growth, weight and other parameters will be taken into account, which can finally affect our dream. Customers most often decide on two types of mattresses - foam and spring. Which mattress should you choose, spring or foam? It is impossible to clearly indicate which of them is better, because as we have already mentioned, a lot depends on our conditions. The choice of a mattress is therefore a fully individual issue. We will try to indicate below the differences between these two types of the mattress and we will tell in which situation a given mattress can work better.

Foam or spring mattress - which one should you choose?

Spring mattresses - what are they standing out?

Spring mattresses are a classic type of products that we often and willingly choose. These types of mattresses ensure the highest comfort, and also adapt to the arranged body during sleep. It is made of traditional bonell springs, as well as more innovative and modern pocket springs. Especially the second solution we mentioned is currently recommended, due to the fact that it is a very modern system, characterized by placing each spring in a separate material pocket. Thanks to this, each pocket "lives its own life" and is independent of the other fragments of the mattress. This, in turn, guarantees high flexibility and lack of deformation, even in the case of heavy load. As a result, spring mattresses, and especially pocket pockets are recommended for people with greater weight, as well as, of course, couples.

Important information is the fact that spring mattresses also have varied hardness zones, which allows them to perfectly choose them, depending on weight. In addition, such a system allows you to create a perfect support for sensitive zones of our figure - we are talking primarily about the head, neck and hips. In turn, raw materials as polyurethane foam, latex or strengthening the structure of the insert - coconut mat are used to strengthen spring mattresses. In some models we can still find a special flexible foam, which strengthens not only the main surface of the mattress, but also the sides. Thanks to this, spring mattresses are even more comfortable and fantastic adapt to the shape of the body.

Foam or spring mattress - which one should you choose?


What can we say about foam mattresses?

From year to year, foam mattresses are becoming more and more popular among people who want to use a comfortable sleep. As a result, they are increasingly replacing spring mattresses. However, this is not surprising, considering the fact that only the most modern and innovative solutions are used in foam mattresses, allowing for increasing the comfort and values ​​of everyday use. The biggest advantages of this type of mattresses include, above all, high flexibility, durability, active ventilation, lightness and of course perfect adaptation to the shape of the body.

Interestingly, foam mattresses are made of various materials. They also differ in connections. As a result, depending on the selected components, the properties of such a mattress are also different. Thermoelastic mattresses, due to the fact that they react well to heat and pressure, can take a form individually matched to the body. Highly elastic mattresses, in turn, give us high elasticity and point elasticity, which reminds us of spring and pocket mattresses. We also have foam mattresses made of latex, which are distinguished mainly in strength and excellent absorption and evaporation of moisture. So, as we can see, each type of mattress has its pros, and the choice really depends only on our preferences.


Foam or spring mattress?

At the outset, we must remember that mattress technologies are developing very quickly, and manufacturers offer us better and better solutions from year to year. Until recently, the spring mattresses were a thing of the past, but with the use of new fillings, interest in this type of mattresses increased. Currently, we can distinguish Bonell, Pocket and Multipocket spring mattresses! The former will work for young children, where the weight is evenly distributed to the entire surface. In the case of older and heavier people it will not be such a good solution and then it is worth betting on Pocket and Multipocket fillings. These are the latest proposals of producers, which is distinguished by the pocket construction of the mattress. Thanks to this, we get great support, and each pocket works separately and independently, thanks to which it is much more convenient solutions.

After all, foam mattresses, especially good quality, seem to be a better solution than spring mattresses. Of course, each of us has our own preferences and a perfect solution for one person, he does not necessarily have to work in the case of another. Nevertheless, usually foam mattresses adapt better to the shape and weight of the body. They also have more precise support, which gives a static effect, as opposed to spring mattresses. In addition, mattresses do not deform and always return to their original shape - the response time depends only on the density of the foam.

Nevertheless, we do not want to impose a perfect solution in advance because it does not exist. As we have already mentioned above, the choice of a mattress is not simple and practically everything depends on our individual preferences. Before buying, it is also worth taking advantage of the possibility of testing mattresses in the living room, as well as the advice of specialists who will always help us in choosing the best solution.

Foam or spring mattress - which one should you choose?