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How to introduce a Valentine's atmosphere in your home?

Valentine's Day is fast approaching us. Finally 14th of February We will celebrate the festival of all lovers. So this is an ideal opportunity to celebrate your feelings with your closest heart. It is also a time when we can give the other "half" a gift and most importantly, nice to spend together. So how do you create the right atmosphere in your home? For this you have to prepare properly to make a loved one a surprise and pleasure.




Breakfast to bed


To make this day actually special, it should also be exceptionally started. And nothing puts us in a great mood, like A delicious and beautifully prepared breakfast to bed. Contrary to appearances, such breakfast does not have to be sophisticated and laborious. It is often enough to prepare delicious Pancakes with fruit or even tasty toast that we will serve with your favorite additions.

Dominica She has prepared for us a quick recipe for a special breakfast, which you will certainly pleasantly surprise your other half.

250g of cottage cheese, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of sugar (preferably with vanilla), 2 tablespoons of flour (plus flour for coating), frying oil.

Crush curd with a fork, add egg, flour and sugar and mixed to combine. We take a spoon, form balls, flatten and coat in flour. Fry on two sides on a tablespoon of oil to brown. To taste a spoon of natural yogurt, a bit of your favorite jam and fruit. That's all :) tasty!
Photo. Dominika Dirty

The excellent complement to breakfast will of coursecup of your favorite coffee,which will give us energy for the rest of the day! That's why we asked Ethno cafe - Crafts of coffee from Wrocław about Coffee recipe for Valentine's Day. It turned out that it was unusual because ... With beetroot! 


Let it not be confused - the beetroot with coffee combines very well and looks even better! Red Latte is a simple proposal to prepare at home, but served to a loved one on the occasion of Saint Valentine's Day will certainly speed up the heartbeat!

40 ml of coffee from a coffee machine (based on ethno cafe intercontinental coffee), 30 ml of pure beetroot juice (non -faded, without celery or apple additives), approx. 60 ml of milk (the amount of milk can also be adapted to your preferences).


Brew coffee in a café (if you wonder how to brew it correctly - we refer to Etno Cafe movie on YouTube about a café). When coffee brews, start heating milk (preferably to about 60 ° C). Milk should be fooled - you can use a home -made frother or French Press. Pour beetroot juice into a glass, mix to coffee, and finally add foamed milk. That's it, tasty!

How to introduce a Valentine's atmosphere in your home?

 Photo. Ethno cafe


For the whole to blend in well, it is worth buying in advance a bouquet of fresh flowers andbedside tableon which we will put and move breakfast From the kitchen - straight to bed.



Moody interior


Who of us does not like moody and romantic interiors? These work especially in exceptional times, and that's what Valentine's Day is. Exactly that The romantic bedroom allows you to create a moody atmosphere, which will intensify rest and relaxation. Importantly, this type of interior is not at all It does not have to be based on heart -shaped decorations. It counts above all chic, harmony and moodin which two people will feel comfortable and free.

One of the ways to create romantic and cozy climate in the bedroom are candles. Their flashing flame, their smell - especially if we talk about candles, based on natural essential oils, which are therapeutic and in aromatherapy - these features will favor positive sensations for two; In addition, liquefied soy wax can be used to massageJust choose a candle for this purpose from stores available in offers.

Candles offer Love my candle There are candles from the form and candles in glass with a capacity of 250 ml and 400 ml.
The latest fragrance, dedicated romantic meetings for two There is a candle Power of lovewhose guiding fragrance is pink prosecco. Among the available fragrances are both floral, refreshing and exclusive, such as the smell Peace & Quiet So the Holy Tree of Palo Santo.

If you are looking for candles made by hand with the greatest care and care for every detail, from the selection of high -quality soy wax and fragrances, through the process of the production of candles, ending with packing it in the spiriteco and zero waste, proposal from Love my candle They will be a great choice.

How to introduce a Valentine's atmosphere in your home?

 Photo. Love my home


What else should be characterized by a moody bedroom? First of all, it should be cozy and warm. Let's pay special attention to warm colors where our eyes rest. We are talking here not only about walls, but also about lighting. Let's try above all about subtle, almost discreet light, allowing you to keep the dusk.

What about additions? These are also very important. This day, of course, can not be missing fresh flowers, but other ingenious and stylish accessories can also be the key to a romantic atmosphere. We are talking here, even about decorative bedspreadif pillows that will create a unique mood.


How to introduce a Valentine's atmosphere in your home?

How to introduce a Valentine's atmosphere in your home?

 Photo. Aneta Kowalczyk



Feel how love is in the air!


Of course, two people build a unique mood, but also the interior decoration. The task of all elements in the bedroom is to create a fully comfortable and romantic bedroom.

We have prepared with this special day in mindFurniture setswhich will introduce to Your home more romanticism And they will help you pleasantly surprise your beloved person. As it is better together Limited Valentine's Series You will buy from now with20% discount.

See the bedroom arranged byStudio professionin which our bed is located More.soft in fabric boluce 

How to introduce a Valentine's atmosphere in your home?

How to introduce a Valentine's atmosphere in your home?How to introduce a Valentine's atmosphere in your home?

Photo:@valeriia_ivaphoto, MOdel:@Elizavetta_ivanchenko, sTylist:@GVCKOWSKA



Romantic Valentine's dinner


If we started this special day so pleasant and what is important, then we should also end it. For this purpose, the ideal solution will be a romantic dinner, which we can prepare In the form of a surprise, but also a great idea may be cooking together. The dish is not without significance, therefore Sushi is our proposal, which looks effective, tastes great, and is also perfectly prepared in the company of the other half. Such dinner must undoubtedly be accompanied by the right drink, which is why white or red wine will work best, served in elegant goblets.

If we are already at the stage of glasses, it is also worth taking care of the other elements, so that you can prepare the table as beautifully as possible. First of all, it should be covered with festively, and the tableware must harmonize properly. We have for you A great proposal for ceramics for two from Mule, which is ideal for such unique occasions. Especially if we are sushi fans. Sushi setsIt is characterized by unique design and the possibility of color selection. They include: a large round plate, medium wave patera, 2x: starter plates / cups for soy sauce / Hashi oki under the sticks and a bowl for additions. How do you like it ... ? We are delighted :)


How to introduce a Valentine's atmosphere in your home

 Photo. Mule sushi sets



Valentine's Gifts


Which gift to choose for Valentine's Day? This question is probably asked by everyone, and certainly men. Currently, we have a huge choice, and often original and unobvious gifts can please the most. They can be a great example soy candleswhich are fully ecological, non -toxic (wax is obtained from soy oil) and withWe will find them in many fragrances conducive to relaxation and aromatherapy.

For many ladies it will be perfect Jewelry that every woman loves. In jewelry stores we can choose from many designs and ores rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
We find valued current minimalism with trends in the Polish brand Sotho, which, apart from classic designs, also designs more bold and magnificent models. They make all collections in silver and in yellow and pink gilding with great attention to detail. We found something that many lady will like: necklace with a letter blown up with colorless or black crystals; necklace with a padlock andpearl necklace with a decorative circle

As well as typically Valentine's suggestions: nAuszynica with hearts and Necklace with two hearts

Sotho jewelry emphasizes the uniqueness of every stylization and gives it a unique feminine style. We are delighted.


How to introduce a Valentine's atmosphere in your home?

Photo. Sotho


Remember, however, that this day is not the most important, but closeness and wonderful spending that day with a unique and closest person.