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Lighting in the bedroom - advice and inspirations

The bedroom is a unique and intimate place in every home or apartment. It is a space in which we want to relax, regenerate after a hard day and just rest in comfortable conditions. Therefore, lighting is a very important issue - the appropriate design and quality of products have a great impact on what nature our bedroom will have. It depends on us how many light zones we will have and whether they will build intimacy and mood. Let's pay attention primarily to the color, angle of incidence and light intensity.




Lighting in the bedroom - why is it so important?


As we have already mentioned at the very beginning, the bedroom is a unique place and that is why it must have exceptional conditions - mainly lighting ones. If we want to rest properly and relax before the next day, then this aspect should be considered by us. Let's make sure that the mood is cozy and relaxing, and it will largely build a good lighting project for us. It is light, its color and saturation that has a huge impact on the quality of rest, regeneration and mood building. Of course, The color of the heat is recommended by most people, however, we have to answer the question at which light we feel the best and rest best, and then choose them to our own bedroom.




What lamp for the bedroom?


The bedroom is a place where it is best if we have two or three light zones. We are talking about moody lighting and the main. The main one is usually a lamp. It will accompany us when organizing clothes, dressing up or cleaning. The second type of lighting will build a mood and serve, even to read the book. Let's stop, however, for a moment at the main lighting of the bedroom. We usually have two solutions to choose from. The first of them is a ceiling lamp in the form of a chandelier, which is suspended in the center of the room. This type of lighting works primarily in small bedrooms, because in such a situation the light will be evenly dispersed and will illuminate the entire space well. The second solution is, in turn, point lamps, which illuminate only a given part of the bedroom. Plafons or currently fashionable ceiling headlights with the possibility of adjusting the angle of light will be perfect as such lamps.




Bedroom lighting - color


As we wrote earlier, each of us should choose the color of light for our own preferences, but it has been accepted that it should be above all Warm and "soft". Therefore, we have two types of bulbs to choose from - halogen and more economical and ecological LED. Choosing the first ones, we can be sure that after lighting the room, the color will show the real colors of walls or furniture. It will also be friendly to our eyes. However, if we decide on LED bulbs, then remember to choose a warm color that will be the mildest for the eyes. The color, which best supports rest, is in the range of 2700 - 3000K. Alternatively, we can also apply LED bulbs with milk glass, which will also soften the light.




Lighting in the bedroom - inspirations


If, despite the tips, you still can't decide on selected lighting in the bedroom and its arrangement, then we recommend using hundreds of inspiration that you can find in social media and even catalogs. A good solution may also be to go to a specialized store, where experts will demonstrate you different colors of light along with a presentation in a given room.