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Scandi Boho - A style that inspires

The Scandi Boho style is a combination of two fashionable and extremely inspiring trends: minimalist, Scandinavian style and atmospheric, boho character. This unique interior design style is becoming more and more popular, combining balanced simplicity with expressive accents. It will definitely appeal to people who appreciate a cozy atmosphere, neutral colors, ethnic patterns or soft fabrics and exotic accessories that give the interior a unique atmosphere. Get ready for an inspiring journey through the land of design!

Scandi Boho - Style that inspires 1

Scandi boho style - A combination of two worlds

Scandi Boho is a unique style that takes the best of two different aesthetics. At one extreme, we have the simple Scandinavian style, which is characterized by Scandinavian coolness, bright colors, raw wood, green plants, functionality and attention to every detail. At the opposite extreme is the boho style, which delights the senses with a wealth of colors, textures and original accessories. The combination of Scandinavian simplicity with the boho style creates extremes with an extremely harmonious whole that is both cozy and impressive.

Colors of scandi boho style

Colors play a key role in the Scandi Boho style. Based on a minimalist Scandinavian approach, light colors and subdued shades dominate. White, beige, gray and pastel colors are the foundation of this aesthetic. However, this combination with boho elements brings character and warmth to the interior. Colorful accents such as brick red, deep greens or intense shades of blue enliven the room and give it a personal character. It is a game of contrasts that creates a unique atmosphere.

Scandi Boho - Style that inspires 3

Scandi boho style - materials and textures

In the Scandi Boho style, materials and textures are as important as colors. Here we have a lot of freedom to experiment. Natural wood is an absolute must-have. Furniture and accessories made of light wood, such as an oak cabinet or beech chairs, bring coziness and warmth to the interior. In addition to wood, expressive colors, soft fabrics and textures inspired by the boho style are also important. It can be soft velvet, wicker, macrame, fur accessories or other upholstery material that is pleasant to the touch. Combined with a minimalist Scandinavian background, they create extremely friendly and interesting interiors.

Furniture and accessories in scandi boho style

In the Scandi Boho style, furniture and accessories play an important role. The choice is wide, but it is worth choosing simplicity and functionality in light colors. A sofa with a minimalist design with subtle, boho pillows, a wooden table made of light, natural wood and simple chairs are a good choice. We can also add light curtains, braided carpets or a cozy corner with a coffee table. Of course, the Scandi Boho style cannot be missing plants - green plants and other accessories always fit perfectly into the Scandi Boho style. Macrame, i.e. handmade thread decorations, is another characteristic element of this style. These can be decorative curtains, hanging flower pots, dream catchers or original wall decorations.

Bedroom in scandi boho style

Scandi Boho is also perfect for arranging a bedroom. The space where we expect peace and respite becomes even more cozy thanks to this style. Light beige bedding, soft, decorative pillows with fringes and blankets in pastel shades and a comfortable large bed made of solid wood are the basic elements in scandi boho interiors. Let's add hanging macrame, natural materials, plants on the shelf and gentle lighting, and we get the bedroom of our dreams.

Living room in scandi boho style

A Scandi Boho style living room is a space where minimalist white walls and other neutral colors are combined with expressive boho accessories. A sofa in shades of gray, surrounded by pillows in intense colors, becomes the focal point of the room. Natural wood furniture, as well as a wicker or rattan table, create a harmonious whole and character of the interior. Here, too, plants play an important role, adding freshness and natural beauty to the interior.

Bathroom and kitchen in scandi boho style

Nothing stops you from introducing the Scandi Boho style to the bathroom and kitchen. In the bathroom, choose bright, minimalist tiles with geometric patterns and wooden furniture. Liven up the room with colorful towels and accessories made of natural materials. In the kitchen, wooden cabinets and natural materials combine with energetic colors and boho accessories. The choice is therefore wide and limited only by our imagination.

As we can see, the Scandi Boho style is an inspiring combination of two different worlds. The simple Scandinavian style meets the colorful richness of the boho style, creating a unique harmony. This aesthetic is a proposition for those who love calm, friendly interiors and natural materials, but with their artistic soul do not want to give up expression and creativity. The Scandi Boho style is also proof that there are no limits in interior design, and our imagination can lead to the most surprising and beautiful effects. Start with a few key elements, and over time, adding ethnic patterns, woven carpets, rattan or a fluffy armchair, you will create a marriage of opposites that will show us an interior that will inspire others. Get ready for a fascinating journey through the land of Scandi boho design.