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Shade-loving potted flowers for dark rooms

Potted flowers are not only a beautiful addition to our interior, but also a source of positive emotions and well-being. However, what to do if our apartment has a lack of natural light? Can we enjoy greenery in rooms with little sunlight? Shade-loving potted flowers are species of houseplants that are perfect for darker rooms, in a natural environment, but without access to a lot of sunlight. So what should we know about this type of plants and what potted flowers are considered shade-loving?

Shade-loving potted flowers for dark rooms 1

Dark rooms and potted plants

Many of us dream of a spacious, bright apartment with lots of natural light. Unfortunately, we don't always have control over this. We often rent apartments or work in offices where choosing the location is not possible. So what can you do to introduce a bit of nature and colors into such interiors? Shade-loving potted plants are the perfect solution.

Shade-loving potted flowers for dark rooms 2

It is worth remembering that shade-loving potted flowers are plants that naturally grow in places with limited access to the sun, for example under trees or deep in the forest, where the sun's rays do not fully reach. Therefore, they adapt perfectly to the conditions in darker rooms. Shade-loving potted flowers are often among the most durable potted plants that do not suffer from light deficiency. Importantly, they not only add charm to our surroundings, but also have a positive effect on the air quality, cleansing it of toxins and increasing humidity. We can often place them, for example on northern windowsills, which other potted flowers do not like. Such indoor plants have little requirements in their natural environment, but remember that excess water often leads to diseases that they may not be able to survive.

Shade-loving potted flowers for dark rooms 3

What shade-loving potted flowers are worth considering?

Sansevieria (Sansevieria)

Sansevieria, also known as "St. George's gladiolus," is a houseplant that can survive in almost complete shade. It is a variety of shade-loving plants whose leaves are dark green. Sansevieria does not require regular watering and can, of course, be placed in shady places. Additionally, it helps filter the air, removing toxic substances from it.

Epipremnum (Epipremnum aureum)

Epipremnum, commonly called "let grow" or "potos", is a plant with decorative, characteristic heart-shaped leaves, which is not afraid of shady places. It is extremely resistant and is ideal for rooms with poor lighting, so we can easily place it, for example on northern windowsills.

Shade-loving potted flowers for dark rooms 4

Kuka (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

Kuka is a type of potted flower that has decorative leaves and is undemanding. Its dark green leaves decorate any interior. Kuka flowers grow slowly, which means they do not need to be replanted often. Like the above potted flowers, these potted flowers also like shade and diffused light.

Zamioculcas zamiofolia

Shade-loving potted flowers from this group do not like the sun, which is why they are ideal for dark rooms. Zamioculcas also likes space and irregular watering, which is why the plant is easy to grow. Everyone, even a beginner gardener, can handle it!

Arrowroot (Maranta leuconeura)

Arrowroot, also called the "prayer plant" due to the characteristic way of closing its leaves in the evening. It is a potted plant with green and white leaves. It is perfect for rooms with limited sunlight. Moreover, arrowroot does not require high air humidity and will be an excellent choice for beginner gardeners.

Begonia (Begonia)

Begonia is a wide group of potted plants, including shade-loving species. Begonia flowers are beautiful and colorful, which adds charm to even the shadiest interiors. Some begonias have green leaves and beautiful pink flowers that will give any interior a unique atmosphere.

Which shade-loving potted climbing flowers should you choose for your home?

Shade-loving plants also include various shade-loving hanging flowers, which are perfect for rooms with diffused light and dry air. These include the following indoor flowers:

Big-leafed moorhen (Aristolocha durior)

There are strong, shade-loving, hanging and climbing potted flowers with very large, heart-shaped, light green leaves. These indoor plants have inconspicuous, yellow-green-brown flowers in the shape of a distended pipe (the English name of this vine is "Dutchman's pipe"). Because the kokornak grows quickly (after 3 years about 3 m, and finally 9-10 m), it is extremely useful, especially outdoors, forming hanging dense clumps. We will achieve the intended effect in a short time.

Honeysuckle (Lonicera)

Among the multitude of honeysuckles, the most recommended for shade are Pomeranian honeysuckle and Tellman's honeysuckle. This type of plant also does well outdoors because it has a climbing vine. It doesn't mind lack of light, so we can place it literally anywhere.