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Snoring - reasons how to get rid of it?

The problem of snoring during sleep concerns a large percentage of humanity, although it applies more often to men than women. This is a very burdensome disease, not only for the person who snore, but also for other household members, especially a person sleeping in the same bed. Most often, they don't help pokes, whistling or waking up the snoring, because after changing position and a few minutes the problem returns. So if this ailment also affects you and you would like to deal with it finally, this is the right article ...


Snoring - what is it at all?

Snoring is nothing but a sound that is imprisoned involuntarily during sleep. It arises due to vibrations of soft palate muscles and throat. It also happens when the exhaled air passes through it. Interestingly, there are people who snore every night, and there are also those who snore occasionally - most often after drinking alcohol, clear fatigue or after physical exertion. Importantly, snoring in itself is not a disease, although it can be dangerous and threatening health for a snoring person. During sleep, sleep apnea may appear, which means problems with taking air into the lungs. This, in turn, can even lead to stewing.


Snoring - reasons how to get rid of it?



Snoring - what are the causes?

During sleep, our muscles are sagging, and thus, the back of the throat hangs, thus touching the base of the tongue. The most common gap at the time is enough to breathe efficiently, but in the case of, for example, respiratory tract obstruction, there may be problems with taking air into the lungs. Why is this happening? Well, then the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood increases, which will force our brain to stimulate additional respiratory muscles, i.e. chest and diaphragm. As a result, there is a violent inhalation, which is combined with a characteristic sound.

The most common causes of snoring are therefore:

  • nasal obstruction,
  • obesity,
  • tonsil hypertrophy,
  • reduced throat and tongue muscle tension,
  • hypertension,
  • menopause,
  • allergies,
  • smoking,
  • respiratory infections.


Why does a man snore?

As we have already mentioned, snoring is the result of vibrations of the soft palate and the back of the throat. It takes place as a result of their sagging. However, this is not the only reason. We also snore because of nasal obstruction, various types of allergies, and polyps in the nose. Defects such as a distorted nasal septum, nasal turboth hypertrophy, tonsil enlargement or simply ordinary infection may also be a problem. These factors make it difficult to flow the air, and thus increase the pressure in the throat, thus introducing the relaxed soft palate into vibrations.



Snoring - reasons how to get rid of it?


How to treat snoring?

Treatment of snoring depends on its cause. And so in the case of obesity, the best solution would be to lose a few, maybe even a dozen kilograms. To do this, a diet with a negative caloric balance should be used and physical activity in your daily lifestyle. It is also worth limiting the consumption of alcohol, which can be a direct cause of snoring. The same applies to cigarette smokers.

If our snoring has a milder form or occurs with allergies or colds, then the leaves, slices or aerosols can help in each pharmacy - of course, such agents do not guarantee us cure, but they significantly relieve symptoms. What, in turn, with people struggling with a malocclusion, with a distorted nasal partition or other defects of this type? In this case, you will need a visit to a specialist who will use an individual method of treating snoring after the examination.