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Which plants should you choose for the bedroom?

Use plants, especially those potted in the arrangement of the bedroom have many supporters, but we also find opponents of such practices. Fortunately, there are many more. Of course, some of the opponents' arguments in the form of a "fight" of plants for oxygen with household members and the need to save space we are able to understand, however, well -chosen plant species They will not be a problem in these aspects. So let's choose plants for the bedroom that will cleanse the air in this most important place for our relaxation and rest, and even produce at night oxygen!

Arguments saying that Potted plants They can adversely affect our health are very exaggerated. To make it so, we would have to grow a real jungle in the bedroom and give up ventilation. In practice, plants give us much more positive values, both of these of healthand these arrangement. When choosing pot plants, however, remember to make them a good air purifier and not need much light, because the bedroom is usually a place that is not sunny.

Therefore, even cut flowers will not work in the bedroom. So let's decide on plants like common ivy, Christmas cactus, Easter cactus, elastic ficus, aloe vera or philodendron - They are responsible for air purification, absorb carbon dioxide, have moisturizing properties and many other positive properties.

Which plants should you choose for the bedroom?

Potted pot plants - what is worth knowing?

Before we decide on plants in the bedroom and decide what plants to choose to choose, it is worth getting to know some facts that will certainly confirm our belief that the greenery in the bedroom is the same good. First, in bedroom There will always be a space for flowers. It can be not only a floor, but also a window sill, a place on a cabinet or a hanging flowerbed on the wall. Secondly, let's choose plants that are not spreading and those that have thorns - such flowers let us spend better for the living room or other large space.

The best flowers are those that not only do not "steal" oxygen, but even at night produce oxygen, cleansing and moisturizing the space. The choice of flowers should also largely depend on the arrangement of our interior. Not every style prefers a lot of greenery. This one will definitely find itself perfectly in the boho style bedroom, where green plays a significant role. Finally, we cannot fail to mention choosing flowers in the bedroom, avoid decorative ones that smell intensively.

Which plants should you choose for the bedroom?

Potion flowers for the bedroom - let's put on a good sleep!

If we decide on potted plants in the bedroom, let's do it primarily with our heads. After all, our comfort is the most important. Therefore, let's choose only healthy flowersthat effectively cleanse the air by absorbing carbon dioxide from the room. Remember, however, that one pot, even with the best flower, is not enough to feel a large difference in air quality in the bedroom.

The task of pot plants in bedroom It is maintaining a kind of microclimate. It is thanks to this that we will feel the difference, which makes us sleep much better, and waking up, our head will be fresh and full of energy to act. So what plants to choose? Let's focus mainly on bedroom flowers that do not bloom. The exception is the orchid, which does not need a large amount as a flowering flower lights.

Plants that cleanse the air in the bedroom

As we have already mentioned above, the plants play a very important role in the bedroom. Scientists thoroughly examined the plants in terms of their air purification properties. It turned out that many species potted flowers, which we grow at home, very positively affects air quality. Flowers also neutralize toxic compounds in the form of carbon dioxide, smog, varnishes or glues. Some are also able to reduce the level of electromagnetic radiation and metal ions! So what plants in this respect should be chosen for the bedroom?


Fikus perfectly absorbs formaldehyde and other harmful substances. In addition, it filters the air and tolerates high temperature.


This potted plant that removes formaldehyde from the air, but also ammonia and benzene. In addition, he is not afraid of dry air and does not need frequent watering.

Sternberg's Herb

This flower cleanses the air of toxins, harmful metal ions and electromagnetic radiation. It affects the humidity well and is great at removing all impurities. This is an excellent plant for a child's bedroom.

Inverted dracaen

It is a potted plant, thanks to which we will get rid of benzene, formaldehydes, toluene, trigeneethylene and even chad!


The healthiest flowers that negatively ionize the air, which is why they will work wherever electronic equipment is located. In addition, like other flowers, it effectively removes formaldehyde. Paprotka also prefers high humidity, providing oxygen at night.


There are well -chosen potted flowers that neutralize such toxins as Benezen, Formaldehyde, Xylene, Toluene and Trinchloroethelene. Remember, however, that the winged -flower should not be placed in places where small children have easy access, because, apart from the fact that the flower can cleanse the air, it has poisonous substances that cause skin irritation. In addition to the fact that the wingworm has many harmful substances, we include it in the type of plant that likes clear positions. Interestingly, it is a plant with shiny leaves, which blooms in winter and can then be considerable size.


Flowers for a bedroom that copes well in tobacco smoke and removing such compounds such as benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, xylene and trichloroethane from the air. Common ivy also produces oxygen, absorbing carbon dioxide, so additionally oxygenates the bedroom at night. It feels great at moderate temperature and when it is moderate sunlight.

What flowers for the bedroom for a good sleep?

We have already written that in the bedroom it is worth focusing on plants that do not have too intense smell. Some Potted plants and flowers However, they secrete a delicate and soothing fragrance, which will be perfect in every bedroom. It is he who is able to help us better fall asleep and relax after a hard day at work. In addition, many of these plants are great Moisturizes the air In the room and creates a microclimate arrival, conducive to relaxation. Such plants are primarily:

  • Jasmine, which secretes essential oils, but with a delicate smell. It helps not only in falling asleep, but also in relieving nerves. However, it is worth taking care of the constant moisture of the substrate in his case, thanks to which he will have even better air cleansing properties.
  • Lavender - Its action is similar to jasmine. For a long time, lavender has been considered a soothing, calming and calming plant. In addition, it has a positive effect on lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Its cultivation does not require much effort and no sunny position is necessary.
  • Rosemary, which is popular primarily in the kitchen, but also has its values ​​in the bedroom. Its smell gently refreshes the space and improves the quality of sleep. Rosemary also removes many toxic substances and, like other, some pot plants absorb carbon dioxide.

Which plants should you choose for the bedroom?