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5 ways for a quick bedroom variety



1. Bet on colorful accessories

The simplest and cheapest way to quickly variety of the bedroom is a choice of new accessories. If the interior is kept in white or gray colors, they will perfectly break colorful textiles. Both curtains and window blinds, with the help of which you will create an intimate atmosphere of space, will work perfectly for this purpose. A great idea will also be pleasant to the touch pillows and bedspreads, thanks to which even the simplest bed will gain a completely new word. You will also get an interesting effect with the help of the original rug, which will give the interior a cozy character. Most importantly - accessories, unlike furniture, can be chosen almost seasonally, for example with the changing seasons.



2. Have fun with lighting

Your bedroom seems boring and gloomy? Perhaps it is guilty of insufficient lighting! By equipping the interior with a few additional lights you will not only differently its appearance, but also increase functionality. Thanks to lighting, the space will become optically larger, and the evenings with your favorite book in the hand will become even more pleasant. To create a mood conducive to relaxation and rest, especially small wall lamps at the headrest of the bed are perfect. Decorative ceiling lamps that will light up the bedroom and become its real decoration will also be a good idea. Remember not only about the combination of illuminating, but also about its color. In interiors serving rest, it uses a warm, delicate light below 6000K.

5 ways for a quick bedroom variety



3. Enlarge the interior with a mirror

If your bedroom is small, you can easily enlarge it optically using one simple trick. The mirror, because we are talking about it, is not only a very practical addition that you will use when applying makeup or creating styling for work or for evening outings. The glass will enliven the arrangement, while making the bedroom seem more spacious than it really is. You will get the best effect by placing a mirror on the wall opposite to the window. The mirror built into the wardrobe, the mirror standing in the corner or hung above the bed or the dressing table will also be interesting.

5 ways for a quick bedroom variety 



4. Add color to the walls

Do you think about a thorough change of bedroom? If so - focus on the walls! These can be both a background for interior design and play a leading role in it. Various types of bright, neutral or pastel colors will be perfect as base colors. Expressive and saturated colors will give the space an original character that will best complement subdued accessories. Painting walls with paints is not the only way out. Wallpapers and wall murals with fashionable patterns will work well in the interior metamorphosis. Painting walls and laying wallpapers is quite time consuming, but it will allow you to create a completely new bedroom at a relatively low cost. Also remember that you do not have to make changes on all the walls of the room - one or two are enough to enjoy the immediate effect of transformation.



5. Insert a bed with a headrest

The bed is undoubtedly the most important element of the bedroom arrangement. For this reason, its change itself allows you to create a completely new space. Especially if you decide on an extremely effective and functional bed with a headrest. This will look extremely interesting, providing comfort during the evening reading of the book. If you are skilled, you can create the original headrest yourself from ready upholstered panels that you will find in stores.
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5 ways for a quick bedroom variety