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5 Bedroom arrangement rules



1. The bed in the lead role



There is no doubt - the heart of the bedroom is a bed. Let's start its arrangement with this furniture where we will spend even 1/3 of our every day. Too low, the bed makes it difficult to get up daily, too short prevents comfortable to sleep, and a bad mattress can cause serious discomfort (check the collection mattress Temporary). In ensuring adequate sleep hygiene, the dimensions of the bed play a key role - its width and height and selection of the right mattress, adapting to the shapes of our body. Nevertheless, it is important to support our backs, which can be provided by a bed with a recent headboard. Models likeSlim, Apricot, Angel, Con, Piko Perfect for people who love evening relaxation with a book in their hands.

5 Bedroom arrangement rules



2. Good organization of space


It is widely known that the mess in space causes mental tension. In the bedroom it can even cause trouble falling asleep. If only because, for the sake of high quality of rest, it is worth taking care of the proper organization of storage in the bedroom. The best way to do this is to choose a well -designed wardrobe with shelves, drawers, compartments and organizers, thanks to which all our clothes, accessories or accessories will have their place. A great idea for arranging a neat bedroom are also all kinds of containers inserted under the bed frame. We can successfully store spare bedding, seasonal clothes or sports accessories. They come to the rescue here beds with a practical container. Let's not forget about practical bedside tables placed by the bed, on which you can hold a glass of water, a favorite book or glasses for reading. Perhaps a collection of tables Cube and Tabb It will turn out to be a great solution for you. In order, the bedroom has not only a positive impact on the comfort of daily rest, but also on the entire decor of the room.

5 Bedroom arrangement rules



3. Colors on the walls


The wall colors that have a huge impact on our well -being are an extremely important element of the bedroom arrangement. When choosing them, it is worth considering not only our personal tastes. Equally important are the individual needs of each interior. In the case of small bedrooms, bright colors will optically enlarge them. Dark colors are recommended for larger rooms. Let's also remember that some colors are conducive to silencing, while others have a stimulating effect. If we want our bedroom to help us calm down, let's focus on subdued and natural colors - delicate beige, browns, gray, greenery or even white, which will provide us with ideal conditions for charging the battery after a hard day's work. It is worth remembering that the economical colors of the walls can perfectly break the skillfully selected accessories, which we mention in the next point.



4. Details complementing the whole


A comfortable bed and a capacious wardrobe are not the only elements of a carefully arranged space. The interior is determined by details. First of all, all kinds of textiles are especially important - decorative pillows, warm pleas and blankets, ensuring the intimacy of curtains and original rugs will allow us to create a unique atmosphere in the bedroom. Textiles are great as seasonal decorations - they are easy to change depending on the season. Textiles is the best and cheapest way to quickly change the appearance of the interior, determining at the same time with its final reception. The bedroom is also an ideal place for plants. "Green filters" perfectly cleanse and moisturize the air from compounds contained in adhesives, paints or building materials.

5 Bedroom arrangement rules



5. Proper lighting of the bedroom


Guided by the principles of bedroom arrangement, let's not forget about the role of lighting - both natural and artificial. In the case of the latter, skillfully selected lamps not only perform a functional function, but also create a moody atmosphere and decorate the space. Night lamps are a great patent in every bedroom to adjust the light intensity. At the same time, let's beware of assembly of only one light source - in addition to the lamps at the bedside tables, the effective chandelier will also be perfect, which will complement the whole arrangement. The comfort of using the bedroom is also affected by access to natural light. If we are wounded birds, we should arrange a bedroom from the east. If we like to sleep longer, a better idea will be a bedroom located west.