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Is an oak bed for me?

The purchase of an oak bed is a choice that we make for many years. Furniture made of this type of wood is solid and durable. They will stylistically match various bedrooms: from boho style to Scandinavian minimalism. They are distinguished by extraordinary elegance. And most importantly, they bring comfort and peaceful sleep. They will ensure satisfaction of even the most demanding people.

At Berke, we pay special attention to the quality of our products. We care for you to feel like your kingdom in your home bedroom. We approach each order individually and with the utmost care. Because wood is our passion, we are completely involved in the delivery of oak furniture refined to perfection.



The charm of oak wood


Oak wood is a symbol of stability and prosperity. It is distinguished by durability. It is hard and resistant to damage. It is difficult to deform them, which makes this type of wood ideal for maintaining large weights.

Natural wood is an ecological resource and safe for health. Craftsmen worked with this material for centuries. We associate wood with nobility and value. (Guests of our home will probably associate them similarly). Wood allows you to give the interior a cozy atmosphere. Thanks to this, we can feel really at home.

Nothing can replace the natural appearance of wood. Oak wood used in Berke beds has typical knots. (Of course, any damage to the boards is eliminated in the production process). The color is not monotonous and artificial, as in the case of a shelled plate. Natural wood means an irreplaceable aesthetic experience. If you wish you a unique smell of authentic oak wood in your home, meet our collection of beds: Ol, SOM, Flat, Short.


Is an oak bed for me?


Berke oak beds


The frames of Berke's oak beds are made of solid boards 4 cm thick. The furniture is therefore stable, it does not deform. No elements will break, even if the bed is used by an athletically built person.



Lightness of glued wood


We use glued wood in Berke. A feature of this solution is the impression of lightness. The furniture, despite their stability, looks tasteful and modern. We want our furniture to reflect contemporary designer trends.


Dimensions of oak beds


You can decide on the size of the ordered bed. We make beds with dimensions: 140x200, 160x200, 180x200, 200x200 cm. We also have the ability to make a bed under a 210 and 220 cm long mattress.

We also provide built -in containers for bedding of different sizes. The bedding container is a practical and convenient solution. It allows you to easily maintain order and quickly hide bedding.
Products that our clients often decide to do so double bed with a container 160x200 or an oak bed with a container 180x200.

Is an oak bed for me? 



Universal design


An oak bed is a universal piece of furniture. Perfectly fits into various types of interiors. It will harmonize with classic, rustic, boho or Scandinavian style. Berke beds look great in both representative and intimate bedrooms. Other furniture from our store will be the perfect complement to the oak bed: Cube tables, Tabb, Lili dressing table, Banch bench. We make sure that our offer contain add -ons harmonizing with beds in terms of style.



Furniture for generations


Berke is beds for the whole family. We offer double beds and beds for teenagers. With us, you can be sure that you will not exchange the bed in a few years. Our oak beds are furniture that can be inherited from generation to generation. This is an investment for years, especially when you take care of the furniture in the right way. (Oak wood beds should not be exposed to water). Over time, real wood gains nobility. Over the years, Dębin darkens, and the shade of brown becomes "deeper". That is why it happens that long -term oak furniture is more expensive than newly purchased. Remember: by buying an oak bed today, you go into possession of antiquity for the future. Due to their solidity, oak beds are becoming more and more fashionable.



Why not furniture from the disc?


Perhaps you are thinking about buying a cheaper bed from the album. They are available in chain furniture stores. This solution is used on a massive scale. CD furniture easily damages (especially on corners). Due to the substances used for production, you can have doubts as to their impact on health. We usually treat them as a temporary solution.

Is an oak bed for me?


Individual orders


At Berke, we leave you the ability to adapt the furniture to individual needs. We want the product to meet all your expectations. We share fabric sampleswhich we will use to upholstery the headboard as well wood samples. Thanks to this, you can check how the material looks in your home in real conditions. Of course, if you prefer to make a purchase quickly, we also have ready beds. You can order them in our online store.

We offer beds with or without it, with a container for bedding and without a container. The headboard can have different shapes and color and structure of the material. The fabrics that we use to upholstery the headboard are resistant to mechanical damage, easy to clean. (look at the fabric properties tab). Oak, comfortable and warm beds create a wonderful homemade atmosphere. Can you imagine these calm evenings spent with a book and tea?

We are convinced that you will find something for yourself. If you liked the offer of Berke oak beds, place an order in our online store or write to us on