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Arranging a small bedroom. How to choose a bed for a narrow bedroom?

The narrow bedroom is most often found in the so -called micro apartments, studio apartments or studio apartments. Until recently, the width of the bedroom was regulated by law, but they have already ceased to apply. This opened a gate to create projects with a microscopic bedroom.
In this article, we want to show you that even small bedrooms can be stylishly and functionally arranged.



Arrangement of a narrow bedroom

Indisputably, bed It is one of the most important furniture at home. It is in it that you should spend 1/3 of the day, so he must provide a comfortable sleep.
In narrow bedrooms, it's best to set the bed in the center of the room, which is why its appearance is so important. In addition, such a bedroom very often requires matching the bed to its dimensions. With our help, you can create a bed in every dimension.



Expert advice:

1. White on the walls


The basic principle that should be taken into account when starting to arrange the bedroom is to choose the right colors. It is widely known that bright colors make the interiors seem larger than in reality. Brighten the interior of the room. They are responsible for visually enlarging the air. White or light gray bedroom are excellent solutions that allow you to optically enlarge the room.

So if you have a small bedroom, you'd better avoid dark colors, which further reduce it. Then it is not possible to obtain coziness and the room is overwhelming. Instead, it is worth putting on light shades in the bedroom. They are perfect as a base for color accents in additions - pillows, curtains or other details.

Arranging a small bedroom. How to choose a bed for a narrow bedroom?


2. Cozy details

The issue of selected details is of great importance when we are looking for a way to arrange a small bedroom. They, especially in a small bedroom, play a key role. People striving to create an intimate climate in the bedroom should emphasize the presence of a holiday corner. It is worth buying a soft blanket or a pleasant to the touch bedspread. As part of the possibility, you can also consider buying a charming rug. Right next to the decorative function, it will allow the desired thermal comfort for the feet. Pictures or photo frames hung on the wall are a great idea. Beautiful photos can give the place a cozy atmosphere, reminding you of nice memories. Add -ons can distract attention from not particularly large airplanes. It is important that the narrow bedroom is not too overwhelmed with them. Then you can get the opposite effect.

Arranging a small bedroom. How to choose a bed for a narrow bedroom?


3. Proper lighting


As in any room, in the bedroom, a skillfully selected light helps to create the right climate. You will get a romantic, even intimate atmosphere, composing several sources of light. Both small, stylish ceiling lamps brightening the entire interior will be useful. The presence of bedside lamps that allow you to read the book is also necessary. With their help, you can get a sensational effect and also give the room the expected character. This issue should not be underestimated, because the narrow bedroom should also be properly illuminated.

4. The presence of mirrors!


One of the most effective tricks that are worth using in a small bedroom are large mirrors. Thanks to them, the bedroom will gain lightness, and its interior will brighten and optically enlarge. The recommended solution is a large glass pane, which performs the function of the wardrobe door. They also turn out to be useful when preparing to leave the house, e.g. for work. As a result, you can combine pleasant with useful. In addition, you can decorate the walls with the help of decorative mirrors, which is recently an extremely fashionable accent. To sum up, a narrow bedroom gains a lot in the presence of mirrors, including smaller ones. Their proper arrangement in the room will create the expected climate, and will also optically expand the bedroom.


5. Bed with a headboard in a small bedroom


Of course, furniture is necessary in creating a functional bedroom, and the most important of them is a comfortable bed. It is not worth going to any compromises here. Convenience should be a supreme value, so the idea of ​​buying a sleeping sofa for sleep is not the best solution. Only a bed with a sufficiently good mattress is the best investment in health and hygiene of sleep.

6. Central point

In a small interior, contrary to appearances, it is worth putting on the bed set at its central point. It's best to choose a fashionable bed with a headboard. This form of the bed will be responsible for directing sight only on it. This will allow you to divert attention from the interior.
A multitude of available Berke bed models with a headboard: Slim, Angel, More, Con, allows you to match the bed to any room.
A narrow bedroom in many situations requires the implementation of an individual project. It must be adapted to both the size of the bedroom and the taste of the owners. We offer the possibility in Berke creating a bed of any size, color and material. You have the option to order fabric and wood samples, which makes it easier to make a final decision for many years.

Arranging a small bedroom. How to choose a bed for a narrow bedroom?