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Con.Soft bed with a container. Furniture full of compromises.

A spacious bed - not only for lying down


The bedroom is a unique room in every home and apartment. On the one hand, it should provide a fully comfortable rest, on the other - serve as a space for storage. In addition to clothes that usually occupy their place in capacious wardrobes, we still have the need to store sheets, quilts and other items. Especially in bedrooms with a small area, making space for them is a real challenge. That is why it can be such a great solution buy beds with a container like Con.soft, which impresses with its aesthetic values ​​and exceptional functionality.

Con.Soft bed with a container. Furniture full of compromises.


Advantages of the bed with a container


Bed Con.soft With a container, this is a great option for people who have many things that do not fit in a traditional wardrobe for clothes. The spacious container allows you to store an additional set of bedding, but not only. It may also act as a place for shoes. Christmas tree decorations or smaller sports equipment. And without cluttering a valuable space in the bedroom or other rooms of the house or apartment! The items stored in the container are easily accessible and at the same time completely invisible. Thanks to this, the space is not cluttered.


Practical and aesthetic bed


They say that life is the art of elections. Fortunately, not with us! Designing Con.Soft bed, We have made every effort to ensure that the finished furniture meets all the requirements - not only functional, but also aesthetic. The finished product that we give in your hands, perfectly combines practical and visual aspects. The geometric block with a convex accent of the headboard is a real treat for lovers of modern and at the same time timeless bedroom furniture.

Con.Soft bed with a container. Furniture full of compromises. 


Con.Soft bed with a container


Designing a bed Con.soft With a container, like other furniture in our offer, we paid special attention to the quality of the materials used for production. In the case of a practical furniture with a container, its simple design with wooden legs, we locked in a stylish upholstery. The soft headboard has been upholstered with fabric with exceptional abrasion resistance, mecha and light. Fabric free of concentrations and substances, it is completely safe and at the same time provides maximum comfort of rest.

In our collection you will find over 200 upholstery fabrics with different properties. You will find them in the tab "Order samples". This choice makes you can perfectly match the color of the bed to the interior of your dream bedroom.

Do you need additional storage space? However, you do not want to lose a valuable place in the bedroom? Select Functional Con.Soft bed with a container, in which you can fit all smaller or larger items!

Con.Soft bed with a container. Furniture full of compromises.