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Slim.Soft bed. Retro -style rest.

Retro style bedroom


An elegant bedroom bed in a retro style will perfectly complement the climate from past decades. The term "retro" comes from Latin and means "in the past or back". It is really hard to find a better definition. Retro interiors derive the best from past years. It is mainly a style from the 1950s, 1960s and 70s. However, it is important to remember that it is not about the inefficient copying of the interior straight from the houses of our grandparents. Retro style combines modernity with the best elements of old vibe.


A retro -style bedroom is above all a lot of checkered fabrics, slightly more patterned carpets or heavy wooden furniture. Add -ons that bring to mind the nostalgic atmosphere of previous years are important.
An excellent complement to this type of decor is an elegant bed, which will not only be comfortable, but also equally decorative. It is worth noting at once that elegant Slim.Soft bed It works in any interior, both typically decorated in a retro style and more modern. The key in all this is the choice upholstery fabric. And we have nearly 200 of them in our collection (look at the Material Samples tab).


By arranging your retro -style bedroom or using retro as a theme, just choose three, maximum four additional furniture, which will not only add a unique character to the room, but at the same time significantly improve the comfort of its daily use. A good idea is a comfortable armchair, an elegant dresser or a dressing table or upholstered wooden chest, which is perfect as an additional place of bedding storage. Retro style is combining what is old with what is new. Therefore, do not forget to equip your bedroom with modern accessories, in the form of metal handles on the fronts of wooden furniture.
Slim.Soft bed. Retro -style rest.


Bed in the retro bedroom


Mild rounding, unusual colors and upholstery materials. It is worth drawing the best of retro. However, instead of glamor - simplicity and minimalism.

Elegant bed Slim.soft It was inspired by the creation of a functional furniture that combines elegance, but is economical in expression and does not offend the eyes. And so as a result, a product was created, which is not only unique in itself, but also impresses with its original design, durability of the entire structure and universality. That is why it is a great choice for every bedroom, regardless of its size and the dominant style of arrangement.


The most important is convenience

The timeless style of elegant beds is a guarantee not only a sophisticated style, but also extraordinary comfort. A simple, but extremely effective design of the bed Slim.soft It was covered with the highest quality upholstery material, thanks to which it creates a harmonious whole. In addition, it is a great possibility of personalizing the bed, thanks to which, regardless of the dominant style of arrangement in the bedroom, the bed will certainly complete the interior.

Bed Slim.soft It is a small, but extremely functional piece of furniture that will ensure convenience of rest after a hard day. The bed was additionally supplemented with an extremely soft headboard, which will be perfect during the evening reading of your favorite books.

Slim.Soft bed. Retro -style rest. 



If not Slim.Soft then ...

You will find in our offer wooden beds, upholstered, with a container or without headboard. The choice is yours. We will gladly help in it.
The wide selection and the ability to personalize such parameters as the size of the bed, its width, fabric and color of wood, makes everyone find something for themselves. We focus on luxury, comfort and modernity in one product.


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Slim.Soft bed. Retro -style rest.


Not just beds

It is worth remembering that the bedroom is not only a comfortable and functional bed, but also accessories. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of our store, where you will find tables, benches, dressing table and finally mattresses.