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Bedside table for a continental bed - which one to choose?

The bedroom is one of the rooms in the house that we should think carefully about. Sometimes it is better to even hire an interior designer in such a case. However, if we have a knack and willingness to arrange interiors, we can arrange all the elements in a stylish and functional way.

The biggest challenge in this case may be properly matching the bedside table to the continental bed and placing all the furniture in such a way that there is harmony, space and circulation in the room. Therefore, below we will try to present some tips that will help you arrange a fashionable and functional bedroom in a continental style.

Bedside table for a continental bed - which one to choose?

A bedside table next to the bed – is it necessary?

This question is certainly asked by many people who are just finishing their bedroom and already have a continental bed. Many of us put off buying a bedside table for many reasons. First of all, these are financial aspects - it is easier for us not to buy a cabinet than a bed. Secondly, we often wait for a particular bedside table to charm us and be the perfect one to match our bed. Yet another reason is the size of the bedroom. It is often a very small room with little space, and adding a bedside table would make the interior even smaller. So, in this case, do you need a bedside table for a continental bed in your bedroom at all?

Definitely! We will only appreciate it when we make a good purchase. First of all, we can put a book, a newspaper, a glass of water on such a cabinet, or put the phone down while it is charging. Therefore, it is a very functional element that improves the quality of our lives and is a kind of right hand. If we don't like having many things put away and visible, we can decide to buy a cabinet with drawers where we can fit many items and they will not "collect" dust.

After all, it cannot be said that a continental bed simply requires a stylish bedside table. It is a perfect complement, setting and a very well-thought-out arrangement of the bedroom interior. Importantly, especially where we want to maintain uniformity, continental cabinets are offered with the same upholstery as the beds.

Bedside tables and their height – how to choose?

Typically, the height of the bedside table should be related to the height of the bed. To do this, measure the height from the floor to the top of the mattress. Then we will also receive the dimension that will be best for our bedside table or continental table.

Of course, such a cabinet can be slightly higher than the bed and it will still be practical, but from an ergonomic and, therefore, functional point of view, a nightstand next to a continental bed should be comfortable and small. Whether it will have shelves or drawers depends only on our preferences.

Bedside table for a continental bed - which one to choose?

How to choose a continental table for your bed?

A continental table is also an ideal piece of furniture for people who value comfort and elegance in the bedroom. It is small but functional. It serves as a stand for a lamp, book, phone or glass of water. A continental table is usually matched to the bed, with which it creates a coherent whole. So how to choose it properly?

First of all, pay attention to the dimensions and shape of the table. It should be proportional to the bed and not take up too much space. A continental table can be square, rectangular, round or oval - depending on your preferences and interior style. It is also important that it is at the same height as the mattress, or slightly higher, to ensure comfort of use.

The next criterion is the material and color of the table. A continental table can be made of wood, metal, glass, plywood or furniture board. The choice of material depends on the quality, durability and price of the table, as well as its matching to the bed and the rest of the bedroom equipment. The color should also harmonize with the color of the bed and walls, or possibly constitute a contrasting accent. Therefore, you can choose a bedside table with the same upholstery as the bed or use a different but matching pattern.

The final aspect is the style and design of the table. A continental table can be simple and minimalist, but also richly decorated. You can choose from tables with legs, wheels or those hung on the wall. The style and design of a continental table depend primarily on the taste and personality of the owner, as well as the climate and character of the bedroom.

Bedside table for a continental bed - which one to choose?

Functionality and comfort with a bedside table next to the bed

As we already know, a bedside table should be not only stylish, but also functional. Therefore, regardless of whether such a cabinet has shelves, drawers or other features, it is worth having its top be equal to the top of the mattress or slightly higher than it.

In the next steps, we should consider what type of cabinet we need - open, closed or maybe with additional compartments? If we want to maintain consistency with the headboard of a continental bed, we can choose suspended cabinets on the same panels as the headboard. This type of furniture will also work well in smaller spaces, especially if we add hanging lamps. If, on the other hand, we have more space and like innovative solutions, an interesting idea is to invest in a cabinet with a hidden top, which, when extended, can serve as a breakfast table, adding not only modernity to the interior, but also space for storing books and other items that We use it while in bed.