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Foam mattresses - foam mattress in the Berke store.

Finding the right one mattress It is often a challenge for yourself. Most often we think about its construction and hardness level. Currently, foam mattresses are very popular, which have many advantages, which we need to include availability and composition without a doubt. Foam mattresses They can be made of both polyurethane foam and with castor oil foam, highly elastic, thermoelastic or latex foam. Each type of such a mattress has its own unique properties and provides high sleep comfort. So what are they characterized by and how to properly choose the mattress for your own needs?


Foam mattresses for a good sleep

What should the perfect mattress be like? Of course, one that will be fully comfortable and safe for us. After all, this is the most important element of bed equipment, which depends on how we will be able to rest after a hard day and how we will function during the day. Unfortunately, many people have forgotten how great sleep is for health - of course, the amount of sleep is important, but its quality, which is why the right choice of foam mattress is so important.


Who will the foam mattress be the best choice for?

As we know, we currently distinguish two main types of mattresses on the market - foam mattresses and spring mattresses. Who should choose a foam mattress? Foam mattresses, due to their plasticity, are primarily recommended by a person with health problems. A good quality foam mattress works, among others, in the case of orthopedic problems or those with pressure ulcers. It also does not change the fact that such a mattress will be an ideal solution if we want to experience a fully comfortable sleep.


Foam mattresses - foam mattress in the Berke store.


Properties of foam mattresses

The main property of the foam mattress is its innovative structure. In addition, foams are one of the fastest growing raw materials on the market. Regardless of which we decide - whether it will be a highly elastic foam, thermoelastic foam or a different type, we will ensure anti -allergic properties, an excellent level of flexibility and matching to the user's body. Foam mattresses are a great proposition, because they are very light, thanks to which we can turn them on without very difficulty - what should be done at least twice a year


Foam mattress - what types we distinguish

In previous paragraphs we have already mentioned what types of foam mattresses we distinguish. Now we will try to briefly characterize each of them.

  • Polyurethane mattress - It is characterized by the greatest lightness, ease of transport or even the possibility of rolling it in a roll. The polyurethane foam itself is divided into several varieties, differing primarily in density. This, in turn, has a huge impact on the hardness of the mattress. Polyurethane mattresses are also a great proposition for allergy sufferers because they are made from antiallergic means.
  • High -elastic foam mattress - It is distinguished mainly in high strength. It is made of millions of follicles that are responsible for air circulation. This type of mattress is also very flexible and elastic, thanks to which it harmonizes perfectly with our spine.
  • Thermoelastic foam mattress - This type of foam reacts to pressure and body temperature. In addition, the air bubbles in the foam are responsible for the flexibility of the mattress, as well as air circulation inside it. Such a mattress adapts perfectly to the construction of an anatomical user, providing him with excellent body support and hygienic sleep.
  • Foam mattress with castor oil - Such a mattress is a combination of highly elastic foam with natural castor oil, i.e. oil from the seed of the common handle. Its main property is to stop the development of bacteria in the material, which contributes to maintaining high sleep hygiene. In addition, the mattress has high flexibility and durability, which in turn affects its life.
  • Latexoid foam mattress - The last of the types of the foam mattress, which combines the antibacterial latex with the elasticity of highly elastic foam. Interestingly, such foam is made on the basis of rubber milk. This type of mattress is a great proposition for people allergic to mites or dust. In addition, the breathable structure cares for adequate moisture and heat of the mattress, which significantly reduces the sweating of the user during sleep.


Foam mattresses - foam mattress in the Berke store.