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Hybrid mattress - features, types and properties.

Hybrid mattresses They combine the values ​​of modern spring cartridges with advanced foam mattress technology in an innovative way. Thanks to this, we are able to ensure maximum comfort, a great fit to each body and of course optimal support of the spine. Therefore, when buying a new mattress for your bedroom, it is worth considering the option of buying a hybrid mattress. Below we will try to tell you what properties it has and for whom it will be the best option.


Hybrid mattress - features, types and properties.


What is a hybrid mattress?

As we have already mentioned, a hybrid mattress is a very modern solution that combines the best features of both foam mattresses and spring mattresses. It is a solution that is even tailored to the most demanding users who care about the highest quality of both the mattress and, above all, sleep. The hybrid mattress is able to provide great spinal protection, thanks to which sleep will be a pleasure, not a need. This effect is obtained due to the skilful combination of pocket springs with innovative foam.

Most often modern hybrid mattresses have several layers that give the surface of many desired properties. Through this, their thickness often reaches up to 30 centimeters. Interestingly, on the market we can also find models of a hybrid mattress, which has a detachable top, which can be used primarily to change the hardness of the substrate - moreover, it can also be used separately.


Hybrid mattresses - properties

Hybrid mattresses are becoming more and more popular every year and it is not surprising. After all, the components used in them are increasingly innovative, which makes the elastic and flexible surface of the hybrid mattress provides great support for the whole figure, including of course the spine. Thanks to this, we are able to relax comfortably, as well as relax and regenerate muscles and joints. The hybrid mattress is distinguished primarily by high point flexibility, i.e. reacts only in one place in pressure, preventing the formation of the so -called wave effect. Hybrid models also have the ability to match the hardness of the mattress to the user's needs, thanks to which we do not have to replace the hybrid mattress with a new one. Many hybrid mattresses also have numerous certificates and the status of a medical device, because they are dedicated to allergy sufferers and people with other health problems. Most hybrid mattress models are also resistant to any deformation, so they can be intensively exploited for a long time.


Hybrid mattress - features, types and properties.


What are the types of hybrid mattresses?

Hybrid mattresses are very universal and multi -functional products. Thanks to the possibility of choosing many configurations and materials, we are able to create a mattress fully adapted to our individual needs. Currently on the market we distinguish the following models of hybrid mattresses:

  • Hybrid mattress on multipocket or pocket springs, which ensures excellent elasticity and point flexibility, which prevents the formation of the so -called wave effect.
  • Hybrid mattress with highly elastic foam, which has technologically advanced polyurethane foam distinguished by elasticity, strength and resistance to deformation.
  • A mattress with thermoelastic foam, reacting to touch and body temperature. He also gives the user a sense of wrap.
  • Hybrid latex mattress, which is characterized by exceptional durability, elasticity. It is also hypoallergenic with antifungal and antibacterial properties.
  • Sisal hybrid mattress, made of natural and durable sisal fibers, which are designed to increase the hardness of the ground.
  • Hybrid mattress with fusion foam. It has a highly elastic foam that allows the separation of zones of varied hardness.
  • Hybrid mattress with Flexifoam foam - this is an innovative foam with extraordinary plasticity, which guarantees us maximum comfort and fit to the shape of the body.


Hybrid mattress - price

Prices of hybrid mattresses are different and a lot depends on their size, type of foam used and its thickness. Nevertheless, the cost of a hybrid mattress starts from 2 to even 8-10 thousand zlotys.


Hybrid mattress - features, types and properties.