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Relaxation techniques before bedtime

Sleep is without a doubt a very important element of our lives, responsible for regeneration and rest. When we have a hard day behind us, we don't dream about anything but a blissful dream. Unfortunately - the more stress and tension in our lives, the harder it is to achieve a healthy and effective sleep. This is how the so -called A vicious circle, because the more we stress, the harder it is to fall asleep, and the harder we are to fall asleep - the more nervous we are. Then our dream bed Instead of being a place of pleasure and relaxation, he becomes a field of struggle for survival. How to deal with this problem? Relaxation techniques can become salvation.


Relaxation techniques - what are they?

Relaxation techniques, as the name suggests, are designed to help a stressed person to cope with emotional tension and cleansing the mind. These techniques allow you to control the body's response and get to know the causes of permanent stress deeper. Relaxation is a kind of behavioral therapy, and its purpose is to obtain mental relaxation, relax tight muscles and obtain a state of relaxation and relaxation.

Most often, relaxing methods are aimed at silencing through rhythmic breathing, gradual muscle relaxation, a deep sense of relaxation, which in the last phase resembles a sleep phase.


Relaxation techniques before bedtime



Why are relaxing methods so important?

Sleep problems or poor sleep quality may be episodic, resulting from a specific reason, but they can also be a chronic problem that arises due to a clear reason. People who have difficulty falling asleep do not rest long enough, they are nervous and permanently tired. To get rid of stress that prevents effective sleep, it is worth using relaxation techniques that can quickly restore the balance of the nervous system by causing the physiological state of relaxation. Long -term practice of such methods and exercises has a very positive effect on the quality of our sleep, life and health, allowing you to sleep through the whole night and giving a sense of control, which makes it much easier to measure with daily challenges and problems.


Relaxation exercises - which one to choose?

Relaxation through exercise is one of the best forms of relaxation. The most famous and most effective include primarily:

  • Yoga

People who have problems falling asleep should practice yoga as often as possible. A few calm asanas will soothe our mind, and thus, make it easier to fall asleep. In addition, sleep will be much more intense and deep. In order to get the best results, we should perform slopes that have a silencing effect on the mind and relax the body.

  • Running or marching

Running is a technique that requires more effort. If we do not have so much strength or our form does not allow this type of run, then choose at least 20 minutes of walking. At this time, try to breathe as much as possible through your nose, lifting your chest and taking deep breaths. Such training will allow you to oxygenate the whole body, which will translate into a much healthier and effective sleep.

  • Gymnastics

Finally, we couldn't forget about gymnastics before bedtime. Regular exercise will improve our condition in many ways, having a positive impact on ourselves, as well as of course on the quality of sleep. Let's choose relaxing and relaxing exercises - we will stretch the body parts, i.e. neck muscles, shoulders, back, chest and hips.


Examples of other relaxation techniques

Physical effort is not everything that relaxation techniques offer. For people who do not like sport, we have several methods that will also allow you to relax tense muscles and significantly improve the quality of our sleep. We mainly include:

  • Care for the right light

The right mood, switching off light or creating warm and delicate lighting is conducive to the production of sleep hormone. If we add a comfortable mattress, fresh bedding and good quality air in the bedroom, the effect will be brick.

  • Massage

Nothing relaxes our body and mind like a back massage before bedtime. The purpose of such a ritual is, of course, to calm the body and reduce the level of stress. So this is a great therapy for everyone. It also improves blood supply to the body, reduces pain, stimulates the lymphatic system and improves metabolism.

  • Breathing adjustment methods

Breathing exercises also help us fall asleep. Breathing strongly affects physiology, mood and way of thinking. It is also a natural sleeping pill. An example of a breathing exercise can be a cycle that covers the exhaust through the mouth, and then a calm breath through the nose, suspension of breath for 6-7 seconds and the end of the cycle lasting 7-8 seconds with air exhaust through the mouth. We can repeat such sets 3-4 times.

  • Muscle stretching and loosening

Progressive muscle relaxation definitely improved the quality of sleep, extends its time, and thus reduces the falling period. The technique is based on conscious tension and loosening of specific muscle groups. Thanks to this, we learn how to cause a state of relaxation. Over time, this is also accompanied by mental relaxation.


Relaxation techniques before bedtime