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For a good sleep. Evening rituals.

Sleep is important - no one needs to be convinced about it. Despite this awareness, we rarely wake up emergency and rested. This is often the result of evening fights - with a new episode of the series or overdue work. In the morning we promise ourselves that this is the last time. The plan of sleep keeps us alive until the next evening ... Do you know this scenario?

Today we come with a rescue and a list of rituals that helps to calm down before going to bed. Teaches with experience, we know that small steps help build a better life. Great resolutions and revolutionary activities lose with minor changes.


Take care of the place of rest


Starting remote work meant that for some of us an office, living room and bedroom is one room. In an ideal world, an apartment would have an additional room in which a laptop could become a laptop after a day of work. However, if you live in a small space, put on simple solutions. Start by not working out of bed. This is a place that should be associated only with rest and relaxation. It is worth being consistent. Thinking about work, we also mean replying to e -mails from the phone barely waking up. Start working on associating a bed with rest, and your body will be grateful for that.


For a good sleep. Evening rituals.


Also pay attention to the environment itself. Nice to the touch materials, a suitable selected pillow, a comfortable mattress - this is a list of things to check if you feel that you do not rest in your bedroom. Maybe in the Berke offer. Will you find something for yourself?


We will thank the electronics


Speaking of laptops and telephones ... blue light that emit electronic devices, hinders the production of melatonin in the brain. The evening spent in front of the computer is a simple way to diverge the daily cycle and stimulation that does not facilitate harmonious falling asleep. In addition, the amount of information and notifications that attack our mind at the end of the day make it difficult to calm down. If you doubt your strong will, use the option of silencing notifications after a specific time. Intuition suggests that the world will not collapse if you reply the next morning.


For a good sleep. Evening rituals. 


Focus on good things


Evening listing is a simple recipe for silencing after an intensive day and catching a new perspective. Writing things allows you to silence the race and master circulating thoughts. It is worth finding a few answers at the end of the day. What did I do today? What causes my gratitude? What is my success? These simple questions allow you to look at the past day in a different way and catch a deep breath. Daily rush makes us escape many details, and it is small moments that build something that seems to be extremely fleeting - happiness.

It is worth keeping the notebook in a bedside table to always have it at hand. You never know when something special is dreamed of.


Give yourself relaxation


How about a massage after a long day? We will not persuade you for an evening visit to the SPA. You can organize them at home. You need a jade tile that can work wonders. The Gua Sha tile is an invention of Chinese medicine and a reliable way to relax after a long day. The plate massage improves the face oval, increases blood circulation and reduces swelling. Regular use of the tile has anti -wrinkle and firming. The list of advantages is long, but how do you start your adventure with automation?


For a good sleep. Evening rituals.


Prepare your face for regeneration


Sleep is a care must have. Expensive creams will be useless if your body has no time for regeneration. It is after midnight that our body removes accumulated toxins and absorbs active ingredients. It is important to properly prepare the skin for this process. We mean makeup removal. It is not a secret that thorough removal of makeup is the basic point on the list of activities that allow you to fight for a well -groomed complexion. If you want to sleep at the thought of multi -stage cleansing of your face - put on one product. Such a solution is even hydrophilic cleansing butter from the polemics brand. The cosmetic created on the basis of powdered matcha tea even removes aquir -resistant mascara and a sunscreen. He also copes with excess sebum, which has accumulated on the surface of the skin and prepares the complexion for the next stages of care. You can use it in the shower and you don't need cotton pads. The oily butter consistency makes it an ideal product for an automasade. Maybe you can connect it with a jade plate? We know from proven sources that this is a duo in which it is worth investing.

A qualitative sleep is a thing to fight for. This is not just about well -being, but about the condition of the body. If your evening is rather chaotic and falling asleep comes with difficulty, put on evening rituals that will allow you to calm down. You can reach for one of our ideas, or maybe you can work out something individual - we will not be offended by it. What's more, we'll be happy to find out what method has worked for you - be sure to share it in the comment!

For a good sleep. Evening rituals.