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Zero Waste in Berke philosophy

Following the philosophy of sustainable design, we create oak beds in harmony with nature. We respect the resources that our planet gives us every day. We make every effort to minimize the impact of production on the environment, because we know perfectly well that our current actions have Impact on the lives of future generations.


Sustainable development and production of oak beds

The wood we buy comes from Polish forests in which it is conducted Responsible forest management. It confirms FSC certificate.
For Berke, a pro -ecological approach is not marketing. This is a philosophy that we follow every day during production. Sustainable development It provides us with functioning in harmony with nature. Find out how our products are created and why it is worth investing in them.

Minimalism already at the design stage

Our planet allows you to use its resources every day. It gives us shelter, food and numerous material goods. He patiently endures human activity and the changes that we, people, cause in ecosystems. Fortunately, it is becoming more and more obvious that We should support and minimize the harmful impact on the environment.
By building the philosophy of our company, we were guided by such values. We wanted to offer the highest quality products. Those that, in addition to the great appearance and functionality, will also represent ours ecological approach. That is why oak beds we offer are created in a minimalist way. We respect raw materials which we acquire for production and use them in the maximum way. All our wooden beds are designed so as to limit the amount of waste. Simple forms of our furniture allow you to save resources during processing. Each element of our product is thought out and the production volume adapted to market demand on an ongoing basis. Thanks to this approach, we do not contribute to such a harmful overproduction of goods nowadays.

Waste in philosophy Berke



Oak beds are quality for years

The basic value in such an important movement for our company "Zero Waste" is Limiting the amount of waste generated. Choosing certified raw materials, like Oak wood, we have a guarantee that our beds will be solid and durable. Classic forms of Berke oak beds make them perfectly adapt to any interior. Even if you change your bedroom decor over the years. Our furniture will continue to look beautiful in it. We want you to enjoy them as long as possible and, maybe, handed over them later next generations.
Each board we use is a gift that nature has given us. We respect it every day in our work and try to repay the philosophy of sustainable production.
Our oak beds and ecological approach This is the result of excellent cooperation with nature.

Wooden beds and local production in the spirit of eco

Lifestyle based on natural values ​​should focus not only on limiting the amount of garbage. Equally important is concern for natural resources and harmful exhaust emissions. Therefore, in our company We focused on the local, self -production of furniture. This allows us to limit the unnecessary transport of raw materials and products and ensure work in the region. We deeply believe in our values. We try to ensure that their continuous development towards pro -ecological technologies will realistically improve the quality of the environment. We hope that the values ​​we offer will be consistent with yours, because we want to create them for you.

Oak beds as products in the spirit of "zero waste"

We are aware that the philosophy of "Zero Waste" requires consistency in action and looking for new solutions. In Berke we want to do much more than required by sustainable development. We dream that our clients have the opportunity to use our products without generating unnecessary waste. That is why we enable Order of samples wood and fabrics home. This is an incredibly important process. By buying an oak bed, you can assess raw materials such as wood or fabric, before buying. So we have a guarantee that we will produce The model is ideally suited to your requirements.

We want Every piece from our production had a chance for a new life. So we went A step further. We decided to present you a few ways to use samples. Get inspired by the ideas from the photos from Pinterest - Zero Waste with Berke.

Take a look at our account Pinterest

Pinterest is an unlimited source of ideas and inspiring photos to create unique products. Based on various concepts, we want to give you some suggestions for using our samples. It is a pity that beautiful and solid pieces of wood and wonderful quality fabric remain unused.
You can use samples ordered from us to arrange space or produce children's toys ...
Waste in philosophy Berke

Oak beds are the result of our values

Ecological The approach not only contributes to improving the quality of life on our planet. It also inspires the formation of unique objects, giving new life to our raw materials. We have on offer is the essence of minimalism and durability. These are products that will serve you and your family for many years. It is all the more important for us that they are created according to our values. They supported what is important to us, i.e. ecology. We believe that you will appreciate our efforts and with us you will build the world for future generations.

Zero Waste in Berke philosophy