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Glamor style bedroom - arrangement, inspiration

Glamor style bedroom This is also an increasingly popular solution in Poland. Although the glamor style was born at the beginning of the 20th century, it was considered kitschy for a long time. However, as we know, fashion changes every few years and now we can more and more often observe design, a wealth of colors and splendor, which returns to favor. TAki Styl will work perfectly primarily in the bedroom, where we often strive to get a warm and elegant decor. So if you plan to arrange our bedroom in this style, then the following tips can be very helpful.


Glamor style bedroom - arrangement, inspiration


Glamor style bedroom - what makes it stand out?



Interiors made in exclusive sSo many glamor stand out above above All the use of the so -called Earth colors, i.e. brown, black, beige, gold and purple. A frequent choice recently is also a navy GLAMOR bedroom, especially because it is to stand out with an extravagant design and simply make an impression. The perfect complement to such a bedroom is therefore furniture from previous centuries, large mirrors or candelabra. The whole is filled with plush and skin additives. This type of bedroom should also be distinguished by long curtains falling to the ground, JAK and graphic wallpapers, where floral patterns reign - but remember that such wallpaper is to be only an addition, not an element overwhelming the entire interior.





Luxurious Glamor bedroom - what additions to choose?



We have already mentioned the additions a bit above, but it is certainly not the only supplement to the glamor -style bedroom. When arranging such a room, we should remember about every detail, because although some elements of the arrangement may not fit together, the whole must already create a coherent and planned composition. Remember that the Glamor bedroom does not lack old furniture, modern wall wallpaper, a large Art Nouveau mirror and plush and leather accessories. We should also take care of gold and silver supplements, whose glow will enliven the decor. If we want to add a bit of luxury to our space, it is also worth choosing Large stone plates on the floor and on the walls, as well as invest in fabrics such as satin, silk or satin, which can be the upholstery upholstery, but also to be a bed of pillows and quilts. Finally, you can't forget about modern, but also stylish lamps that should shine with yellow, warm light.


Glamor style bedroom - arrangement, inspiration


What should Glamor bedroom arrangement look like?



Glamor bedroom is primarily a combination of modernity and classics. However, if we do not have a specific idea in our minds, it is worth using many inspirations that we can find on the Internet, and above all in social media, where arrangement specialists under the right tags and hashtags boast of their ideas for the decor of the bedroom.

Currently, one of the most popular solutions is the Glamor gray bedroom, which saints triumphs especially in combination with a hint of black, which, however, does not overwhelm the whole decor. It is also worth crazy and adding variations of light pallets or silver and platinum tones. However, remember not to overdo it and use a maximum of three shades - the darkest use for walls, medium for bed and the lightest for additions and bedspreads on the bed.

Equally fashionable in recent years is also the white Glamor bedroom, which is an absolute classic among this style. It looks great both in pearly white in a total look, which encourages relaxation, as well as in combination with a palisander, which is shiny brown. The white Glamor bedroom is a very simple, but also effective and timeless solution that will work in every room.


Glamor style bedroom - arrangement, inspiration 


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Glamor style bedroom - arrangement, inspiration


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