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How to clean the mattress?

How to clean the mattress? This question is probably asked by many people who have been having one mattress for a long time, and want to relax in comfortable conditions not only among fresh bedding, but also on a fresh and fragrant mattress. It is true that the washing of the mattress is not an easy activity, especially when its dimensions are substantial and the stains were created, even as a result of blood. In addition, the material from which the mattress is made is of great importance - many of them are distinguished by their special absorbency, which can have problems with adequate drying. However, we have proven solutions to dirty the mattress, which we will try to present below. As it turns out, Keeping a mattress in good condition is also possible thanks to home patents.



How to wash the mattress wet?



If we want to wash our mattress thoroughly, it can be a great solution Steam washers, which theoretically are not used to clean the mattress. Regular cleaning of the mattress with a washer (say once every three months), but it can bring very good and, what is important, lasting results. Such cleaning is much deeper, and thus more effective than refreshing it only on the top with a damp cloth. The hot pair is also able to remove all bacteria and mites, so we have not only cleaning, but also disinfection, which can be beneficial especially for allergy sufferers. Should we use a different substance outside of water? Theoretically not, but it will not hurt if we add somewhat delicate detergents that are intended to clean upholstery fabrics.




Cleaning the mattress with baking soda



Baking soda is also a very good and, what is important, a natural and ecological solution. As it has excellent cleaning properties, it is also very often used for cleaning. Mattresses may be one of the destiny because It removes dirt very well, absorbs moisture, and also eliminates an unpleasant smell, which may appear in contact with the mattress over time. If we want to effectively clean the mattress, We can use baking soda itself or mix it with oil - the choice in this case is huge, a We can recommend, for example, tea tree oil.

As for the way of use - Spread the soda on the surface of the entire mattress and gently rub into the fabric. Then leave the mattress in this condition for a few hours, and finally vacuum it thoroughly.



How to remove coffee stains on the mattress?



Coffee stains are one of the most frequently seen dirt. They usually occur on tablecloths, rugs and clothes. Unfortunately, the exception is not mattresses, especially when we like to eat breakfast in bed over the weekend.

All you need is a moment of inattention, and we have the dirt ready. Fortunately, also and We have a solution for you for coffee stains - And thanks to home methods. The first of them is just soap. Our task is to soak dirt wet water. Then apply soap on a dirty fragment of the mattress and rub it thoroughly. If this does not help, we can help ourselves with a small amount of washing powder.

The second way is based on an irreplaceable vinegar. It is a kind of home -made stain remover that can handle many spots, including coffee stains. Mix one tablespoon of vinegar with a cup of water, then pour this solution slowly onto a coffee stain. The last task is to gently dry this fragment with the help of a paper towel. The stain due to our action should fade.

Remember, however, that, as with any other stain, so in the case of coffee - the most important is the response time. The faster we start cleaning the mattress, the more satisfactory the effect will be.


    How to clean the mattress? 


    How to clean the urine mattress?



    This problem mainly concerns people who have the youngest offspring. Urine spots They can then be everyday life, and their removal is not so easy. However, the aforementioned baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice may be helpful. If this does not help (most often when we waited with cleaning too long - it is best to try a few hours after an unfortunate accident at the latest), a professional mattress cleaner must enter the game. In addition, it is also worth investing in a protective mattress cover, which after each "failure" is enough to remove and wash in the washing machine.


    How to clean the mattress? 


    How to remove blood stains from the mattress?



    Another problematic stain can be the one of the blood. Often, even in the case of washing, unsightly stains remain, which, unfortunately, is washed off very hard, especially if we do not react immediately. If the stain is fresh, a wet cloth and cold water may be enough. If that doesn't help We should reach for baking soda again, kitchen salt and even a stain remover. After all, we can still dry and vacuum the mattress, thanks to which it will return to the right condition faster.


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    How to clean the mattress?