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How to arrange an incurable bedroom?


"Wagon" bedroom - meet the tricks of designers


Narrow rooms in apartments, often instead of a comfortable bedroom, become an office, a wardrobe or a storage space for various types of home appliances. Many people are afraid of developing an uninteresting space - meanwhile a narrow room with a longitudinal shape, i.e. the so -called "wagon", can be an extremely cozy night room. Just use a few simple tricks to make a seemingly impractical interior become a dream place of relaxation and rest. Here they are!



What to watch out for arranging an inconvenient bedroom?


A standard "wagon" bedroom is a room measuring 2x4.5 meters. Over twice as large as the width means that complete furnishing of the interior requires a lot of gymnastics. However, even in this case it is possible to create a functional bedroom - not only with the bed itself, but also bedside tables and a wardrobe. It is worth sticking to one key principles - the space cannot be cluttered. A badly located bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers will darken the room and narrow the already small passage.

How to arrange an incurable bedroom?



Ways to equalize the proportion of the bedroom


In order for a narrow and long bedroom to become a favorite place of rest, it is worth reaching in a few proven ways to optically align the proportion. The problematic "wagon" will become more spacious if bright colors are used for its device - white, beige and gray. You can get the desired effect by painting narrow walls in a darker color, and wider - to light. Also remember that horizontal stripes will optically extend the wall. The disturbed dimensions of the bedroom will also tame a large mirror hung on a long wall, which will widen a narrow room. If you care about the wardrobe in the bedroom, set it along a narrow wall, thanks to which the room will retain the correct proportions.



Bed in an unreasonable bedroom


As in every bedroom, also in this incurable, the first violin plays a skillfully fitted bed. In long rooms, the best choice will be setting the furniture along the room, under the window. Thanks to this, you will gain convenient access to the bed on both sides. The rest of the room will fit a small wardrobe or chest of drawers or vanity table. If the incurable room is narrow and slightly shorter, the bed inserted across will work better. Although full access to it will be a bit difficult, you will gain space for practical bedside tables placed on the side. Take a look at our table collection Cube and Tabb - Perhaps they will prove to be an ideal solution for you. In both cases, it is worth focusing on maximum furniture functionality. Deciding to choose bed Pay attention to models with an upholstered headboard, such as available in our offer Slim, Apricot, Con, Piko and wooden: SOM and Ol.

How to arrange an incurable bedroom?



Wardrobe in the "Wagon" bedroom


In the bedroom, apart from a comfortable bed, there should also be a small chest of drawers or vanity table or a larger wardrobe for clothes. The ideal solution is to set it on the same wall as the door, provided they are on her side. If you need a larger wardrobe or door are in the middle of the wall, put a wardrobe or a chest of drawers along one of the longer walls. It is good that the wardrobe you choose is equipped with a mirror that will optically enlarge the space and expand the narrow passage.
How to arrange an incurable bedroom?