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Velor and velvet in the bedroom

A brief history of noble velor>


Velor, like a velvet and a wlorat, belongs to a group of materials called plush. Thick weave and short bristles - thanks to them the velor is so soft and fluffy. He came to Europe straight from India in the 12th century, but before he reached Poland, a good few hundred years passed. At that time, he made himself in a noble circle for good, where he was used to decorate sophisticated dresses and liturgical robes. Today, velor is a much commonly available fabric, also for lovers of fashionable interiors.

Velor and velvet in the bedroom



Velor and velvet


Velor and velvet are unique materials. They are considered luxurious and elegant. They allow you to easily create cozy and conducive to relaxing spaces. Classic interiors emphasized with this type of fabric gaindepth and sophistication. It looks great in rooms with a minimalist, industrial climate, as well as those more sophisticated, with a slightly French claw.

Can you want more? All you need is one, strong accent in the form of a furniture with a velum or even a small decorative element, so that the arranged space gain an original expression. See how to create a fashionable bedroom with the help of velor and velvet!

Velor and velvet in the bedroom



Velor bed


Velor and velvet are perfect especially as upholstery materials. The original furniture turns seats, sofas, footrests, and in the bedroom - bed. Thanks to the soft and pleasant to the touch invoice, they harmonize well with seating furniture. Especially when you decide on A bed with an upholstered headboard In an intense shade of red, mustard, navy blue or green.


You will find in our offer fabrics velor and velvet in collections: 13,16, 18, 21 and 30.

Unusually A wide range of colors these collections are providedhuge possibilities Arrangements of classic and modern interiors, giving them amazing style. Fabrics are made in technologyMagic Clean and they haveHydrophobic properties, which makes them resistant to flooding and easy to clean.

Velor and velvet in the bedroom



Velor and velvet on the wall


The potential of velor and velvet is not only the finish of the furniture, but also the decoration of the walls. Fluffy 3D panels are currently fashionable. Creating mosaics of squares, rhiliacs or velor hexagones with decorative buttons are one of the most interesting ways to decorate the wall in the bedroom. Material modules are great placed on both the front wall and in the niches.



Extras from velor and velvet


It is also worth using the noble nature of velor and velvet when completing additions to the bedroom. Velvet pillows, rugs or curtains will introduce a warm and sophisticated atmosphere to the interior. They will be the best complement to the bedroom in extremely popular styles - glamor, vintage, eclectic and industrial.