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Choosing a bedroom bed. Expert's advice.

Choosing a bedroom bed is an extremely important decision. It is in it that we rest and gain energy to act. If you are wondering what it should look like and what to consider when choosing, we will be happy to help you. As a Polish manufacturer of high -class wooden and upholstered beds, we know almost everything about them. We will gladly share our experience so that you can make the best choice of bedroom bed.



Scandinavian style

The bed is a key furniture in the room. It should harmonize well with the style of your interior and above all you like. Think about what interiors appeal to you the most. If you are a lover of minimalism, simple forms and neutral colors, it is worth considering wooden beds with a minimalist design: Short or Flat. They have a very classic form. They are made of natural wood and will perfectly adapt to the minimalist interior. In our store, you can easily choose a shade of wood that will best fit into the colors of other accessories of your bedroom. Thanks to the use of safe preparations, we get unique colors. You can find out about it by ordering samples from our store. Additionally Flat bed You can choose in version with a container or without him. Thanks to this, you will gain a practical storage and easier to develop space in the bedroom.

Choosing a bedroom bed. Expert's advice.



Classic style bedroom

Every lover of a classic style appreciates the material of wood. Beautiful, oak furniture and antiques, which we still remember from our grandmothers' houses, always made an amazing impression. Therefore, an investment in a high -quality bed, made entirely of wood will be an ideal solution for a classic bedroom. SOM bed It will be a great choice. The style itself is not everything. Berke beds are primarily quality. So you can be sure that our product will not be just a seasonal furniture. It will certainly serve you perfectly for many years and, maybe you will also decide to give them to the next generations in the future. Our wooden beds They are available in sizes: 140x200, 160x200, 180x200 and 200x200, and even 210 or 220 cm. So you can easily match them to the size of your bedroom and your own preferences. We also have the option of making a bed for individual order, where you decide on its size and choose a shade of wood based on our samples.

Choosing a bedroom bed. Expert's advice. 



Industrial space

Do you like modern interiors with raw style? With our bed you can create a bedroom exactly in this style. We offer you models that combine two unusual materials. Wood and steel. Oak boards in our beds are embedded in a solid metal frame, creating an extremely interesting combination. This type of beds perfectly match the interior of an industrial character. It comes from undeveloped industrial spaces. Large spaces, in which such materials of bricks, concrete, steel and glass dominated have become an inspiration for today's interior architecture solutions. The colors of wooden elements and a black, powder -painted frame harmonize perfectly with elements made of brick and concrete. Beautiful shades of wood that we use in our beds will perfectly warm the interior in this style, without the need for unnecessary ornaments. If you value high -quality materials and solid workmanship, your bedroom bed should fall on the model Som.wood oak black.



Elegant style


Aesthetic, elegant interior that looks like the cover of the interior design catalog is certainly a reason to be proud. The bedroom, in which every element harmonizes perfectly with each other, emphasizes the impression of luxury and good taste will be an ideal place to relax. Choosing a bedroom bed with such a refined character is extremely important because it must perfectly match the whole. At Berke, we have a bed offer for you that you can fully personalize. It is enough you will order samples from our side. You will then receive the fabrics we use for our upholstered beds and wood samples from which we create our beds. Thanks to this, you will be able to see how they look in your bedroom and with your additions. Beds made to individual order also have the option of choosing a size that will perfectly match the interior you are arranging. By composing the bed yourself, you have a guarantee that it will be perfectly what you expect. For our part, we guarantee high quality and primary materials.

Check the collection upholstered beds: Slim, Apricot, Angel, Con, Piko, Flat.

Choosing a bedroom bed. Expert's advice. 



The perfect bed for an artistic interior


Do you love colors, patterns and pleasant fabrics? Do you feel good in rooms saturated with colors and beautiful objects? We understand this perfectly and meet your expectations. We want you to choose a bedroom bed that will allow you to create an unusual atmosphere in it. In our offer you will find a very wide selection upholstered bedswhich are made in many colors. Decide what shade harmonizes with your artistic soul and order a bed that will suit your criteria one hundred percent. We have beds made in neutral colors, powder and romantic shades and intense, elegant colors. Familiarize yourself with the models of beds available or Order available on our website fabric samples. Check what they are to the touch and how the color looks live. Choose stylish accessories, plan a place for your new bed. Find out how easy and pleasantly you can change your bedroom into a beautiful interior with it.



Small surface


As the owner of a small apartment, you will also find the perfect bed in our offer. Check how a wide selection of sizes of mom and decide which of them will be best for you. Any, even the smallest room can look beautiful and classy. Just choose the right bed and accessories to get a unique effect. You don't have to give up your favorite style. We try to adapt every type of beds we create to the needs of our clients. So review the offer wooden beds, upholstered and connecting wood with a metal frame And choose the size that suits you best. You can decide on double bed for the bedroom with a container for bedding in size 140x200 cm. This irreplaceable solution is very useful in small rooms, because you gain additional space for your items. The large container occupies the entire width under the mattress, so it gives a real possibility of storing things. Make your bedroom a dream place of rest, without having to give up such a valuable space for you.



Transport with lodging

If organizational issues stress you and make the choice of bedroom bed cease to be a nice experience - we provide help. When ordering a bed in our store, you are guaranteed that it will be delivered at a convenient time for you. Regardless of the size of the bed, the courier will bring them directly to your apartment. You don't have to worry, even if you live on the fourth floor without an elevator. Our suppliers will take care of everyone.


Installation instructions

The bed will be delivered to you in four or five packages. You will find inside clear and legible instruction, which will lead you step by step through assembly. We assure you that we have made every effort to make the bed folding intuitive and possible to make, even alone. However, if you had any problem or doubt, we will be happy to help. Write to us on or call: +48 690 609 202
Our priority is your satisfaction, so we will gladly share knowledge and provide you with satisfying solutions.

If you already know what bed best suits your interior, then read the offer of our store. The highest quality furniture, affordable price and excellent service will make choosing a bedroom bed a pleasant experience for you.