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Interior design trends 2023

New trends are constantly emerging in the world of interior design. They are often related to current fashions, but increasingly with the changing needs of users. In 2023, interior design trends can expect both a return to classic solutions and experiments with modern design.

For a long time we have noticed that one of the most important values ​​is comfort, functionality and a conscious choice. We want our interiors to have a cozy atmosphere, which is why we look for natural materials in our own home. Fashionable interiors also include unusual furniture, leather sofas, wooden floors or geometric patterns and organic shapes that have been with us for a long time. Below are some of the most important ones directions that will rule interiors in the coming year.

White in interior design

White is a color that never goes out of fashion. Therefore, fashionable interiors in 2023 will often be in the entourage of bright colors and glamor aesthetics. White, on the other hand, will be used to build minimalist, elegant space, on the other hand, it will become a background for colorful accents and contrasting elements. So it is white an excellent choice when we want to create a calm, harmonious atmosphere in our home, and an unusual atmosphere at the same time. We can use it in various shades - from snow-white to cream or ecru. White is also great where there is light wood, subdued colors, fashionable furniture or cozy accessories.

Interior design trends 2023

Trendy interiors with earth tones and magenta

In 2023, earth colors will also return to favor - warm, earthy shades of brown, beige, ocher or subdued green. These are colors that are associated with nature, warmth and coziness. They will be the perfect choice for people who they like calm, natural arrangements. Strong, energetic colors, such as intense, will also be fashionable this year yellow or magenta. It is a color that combines red and violet, and which can serve different purposes in interior design roles - from subtle accents to dominant decorative elements.

Fashionable interior - soft shapes, curves and curves

Interior design trends for 2023 also include fashionable, soft, rounded shapes. Instead of sharply outlined furniture or decoration, we will look for elements that will bring more delicacy and harmony to our homes. In trends there will also be arches - in architecture, furniture or decorations. It is a shape that gives many arrangement possibilities - it can be used to divide the space, give the room character or introduce a little bit avant-garde. The arrangement of such an interior will work well in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. Welcome in this accompanied by ecological choices, vintage furniture, natural materials and organic accessories materials that will emphasize the character of this type of interior.

Interior design trends 2023

Mixing styles - classic elements with modern ones

In 2023, mixes of styles will also be in fashion - classic elements with modern ones. This is an offer for people who they want to create something remarkable in their home, but not avoiding the classics. In interior design you can successfully combine, for example, modern furniture with classic accessories - stylish lamps, stucco decorations or antiques. This combination creates an interesting, unique atmosphere that will certainly attract the attention of guests. perfect an example in the latest trends can be the combination of japandi style and glamor style.

Interior design trends 2023

Plants - green accents in interior design

In 2023, plants will perfectly complement interior arrangements. It's not just a great way to introduce your home living, natural decoration, but also to improve air quality. Plants with large leaves will be in fashion - monsteras, kalanchoe or orchids, which will be perfect for jungle-style arrangements (so-called urban jungle), but also in modern, fashionable interiors. Plants can be placed in pots, hanging baskets, on shelves or tables - everything here depends on our preferences and the style we dream of in the privacy of our home.

Interior design trends 2023

Functionality and ergonomics

2023 is also largely about functionality, comfort and ergonomics. Designers will design furniture and accessories, which will not only be pretty, but above all practical and comfortable to use, as well as matching the rest flats. In interior design trends, it will be more and more important how the room works and what functions it has fulfills or meets the expectations of household members. The increased interest in functionality and ergonomics is also an effect changing needs - more and more people work from home, and home space is becoming a place not only relaxation, but also a home office.

Interior design trends 2023