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What stools to choose for the kitchen? Useful tips

Hokers are now very fashionable and often chosen types of seats in the kitchen. They are very practical and not without reason enjoy so much popularity. Due to their compact dimensions, they look very good both in larger, as well as in smaller interiors, where they take up little space and allow you to comfortably eat meals in the kitchen or dining room with island or bar. However, how to choose bar stools well so that they fit not only to our arrangement space, but also to the type and height of the worktop?

Stool in the kitchen - what is it anyway?

For many people, the word hoker may be something new, which is why we are in a hurry to explain it at the very beginning. It is a type of bar stool that, until recently, was mainly seen in bars and pubs. This furniture is perfect They are located primarily at high countertops, thanks to which bartenders can easily serve beer or drinks. Today such countertops, and thus, also bar stools, can be seen in apartments and single-family houses. Very popular have become in the case of living rooms with a kitchenette, where there is not much space. But thanks to them, we can sit down, eat a meal or talk with your loved ones. This type of chair is also popular in in the case of islands, where they allow dining.

Of course, the bar stools are distinguished by an interesting design, which can be easily adapted to virtually any type interiors. They give the interiors an individual character and an interesting, original style. They are also more comfortable than ordinary bar stools. Many models of bar stools have contoured and soft seats, which significantly increase the comfort of use.

What stools to choose for the kitchen? Useful tips

The height of the stools is not everything. What color and shape of the stools?

Of course, the height and proper fit of the stool to the countertop is very important, but we must not forget about it either design. Bar stools in every style are currently available on the market. The largest selection is among the modern ones, but following the current trends, we will also find models that perfectly match classic and rustic interiors. You can also choose bar stools with metal or wooden legs, as well as seats made of virtually all types possible materials. The shape of the chair can also be important. It is best to adjust it to the size of the space, in which it will be set. If we have a small apartment, we will probably decide on models that can be used will be hidden under the countertop. In turn, if we have a spacious kitchen or dining room, we can decide much larger bar stools.

The height of the stool to the countertop - how to choose?

The stool is a very comfortable seat, provided that it is well adjusted to the height of the tabletop. Let's note, so that it is 20-30 centimeters lower than the height of the countertop. In practice, this means that for worktops with a height of 110 centimeters, 80-centimeter stools will be the best. Fortunately, many models of bar stools are adjustable their height. Another important aspect is the support for the feet. It is a convenient solution thanks to which we can support yourself while sitting so that your legs do not hang down. This support also helps us when sitting down on the stool. It should be about 40 centimeters below the seat.

What stools to choose for the kitchen? Useful tips

Tabletop height for bar stools. Which stool is best for a 90 cm countertop?

Most often we deal with tops at a height of 90 or 110 centimeters. We're definitely wondering what it is hoker should be chosen in this case. Let us remember that not only its height will be important, but also distance from the seat of the chair to the floor. It should then be between 60 and 65 centimeters. Nevertheless, these parameters may vary slightly, depending on the height of the person who intends to sit down. Therefore, the best The choice without a doubt are bar stools with the possibility of adjusting their height. They usually have enough scope adjustment 25-30 centimeters. Thanks to this, such bar chairs can be used not only with one table top, but also also at the bar, kitchen island and even the dining table.

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