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A bed in a niche - an idea for arrangements

If we have a narrow room or for any other reason we are unable to put a full-size bed in place, where we would like it, a bed in a niche may be the perfect solution. In some rooms, especially in the apartment, it is often the only solution that will be functional, stylish and comfortable. It is the limited area of ​​apartments or small houses that makes the fantasy look for practical solutions. If we dream of a cozy and functional room, a real dream often comes true for us bed. Then it is also worth considering a bed in a niche, which of course has its disadvantages, but definitely not they overshadow many pluses, which we will mention in a moment.

A bed in a niche - an idea for arrangements

A bed in a niche - what should we remember?

A bed in a bedroom niche does not have to be boring at all. It is important that we arrange them properly. ideas for it there are many, and everything really depends on our taste, style and interior design. If we have small apartment and we care about every centimeter of space, the perfect solution may be to raise the bed and placing special drawers under it or choosing a bed with a container . There we can store such as duvets, towels or sheets.

An interesting idea may also be the shelves that can be pulled out from under the mattress. These are the perfect places to hold your phone, cup with tea or water or a book that we read just before bedtime. In such a niche, it is also worth having at least one one socket for charging the phone and connecting a night lamp.

If we like the glamor style and slightly extravagant interiors, we can arrange a niche in a royal style, separating it from the rest of the room with a special curtain or using a mezzanine, if any we have at home. Let us remember, however, that the bedroom niche should be primarily functional and adapted to the needs fully meets our needs.

A bed in a niche - an idea for arrangements

A bedroom in a niche - what are the pros and cons?

A house, an apartment, and especially a bedroom is a place where we regain strength, relax and simply we rest before another hard day at work. Often, especially in a small bedroom, we are like a snail hiding in their shell and wanting to run away from hard things. So the bed allows us to distance ourselves from the city hustle and bustle, hardships at work or even household chores. So what should make such a small bedroom in a niche stand out?

First of all, it should be a personal space that will be separated from the rest of the bedroom or peace. There should be additional areas for storing small things. Fine if she's in it moody, quite dark lighting, conducive to rest. In addition, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bsuch a small bedroom it should be used rationally, and at the same time have an original design in which we will feel best.

Unfortunately, as with any solution, there are some disadvantages in the case of a bedroom in a niche. The biggest is unfortunately, a very limited space, which even if used in 100 percent, will not give us all the possibilities, o which we dream. It will also be difficult to completely separate yourself from the rest of the room.

Bedroom alcove - what problems can await us?

When designing and arranging a bed in a niche, we must be prepared for the fact that there will be several problems waiting for us and not our ideas can always be turned into implementation. Problematic can be a niche in the attic, where outside with area constraints, we will also have a constraint due to bevels. Berques on offer. you will find beds without headrest or on an individual order, you can adjust the height of the headrest to the height of the knee wall.

A bed in a niche - an idea for arrangements

Bedrooms, more precisely, niches near windows, can also be problematic. Then good for our eyes and whole body, if our head is not in front of such a window.

The limited space in the niche can also be problematic if you want to leave the bed frame and mattress alone put bedside tables . Then it is necessary to precisely measure the free space. If you sleep alone, it's worth thinking about using only one nightstand. If, in turn, we sleep in two and the conditions for placing two cabinets for us do not allow it, it may be necessary to design and then order custom-made furniture to make it possible add a bed with a sleeping function and two bedside tables by one and the other wall.

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