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Bedding storage - where to store the duvet and sheets

Proper storage of bedding can be quite a challenge, even though it seems to be a trifle. Fluffy quilts and pillows or folded pillowcases can take up a lot of space and without a patented one storage method or a separate, special room for this purpose, we may have a problem. A lot of people, with a separate bedroom keeps their duvets and pillows directly on the mattress without covering them not even during the day. However, this is a bad practice, because the bedding spread on the bed is a paradise for development bacteria. The duvet gets dusty and then dust mites nest on it. So how is very important we store duvet and sheets.

Bedding storage - where to store the duvet and sheets

Where to store the bedding we currently use?

As we mentioned at the very beginning, bedding should not lie directly on the mattress, even if we have it separate bedroom. Every day, a lot of dust and bacteria accumulate on it, which then have a bad effect on ours organism. So we certainly don't want to sleep on bedding that will harbor germs.

Allergy sufferers, who must have special conditions for sleeping, are particularly exposed to such duvets and sheets bedding with numerous bacteria will definitely not serve them. Therefore, in addition to regular washing, bedding should be properly stored. How? We are in a hurry to answer. If she's on the bed all the time, it's worth it invest in a bedspread that will protect the duvet, pillows and sheet from dust and mites. On the market we will find a lot of bedspreads in many colors and patterns that will perfectly match the interior.

If the bedspread is not a good solution for you, you can use special containers or a special one chamber, which is found in many models of beds. Such a built-in container will significantly reduce the risk of settling dust and dirt. However, we must remember to clean this interior regularly.

A wardrobe to store bedding?

The wardrobe is also a good place where we can put especially unused bedding on a daily basis. But before that If we do, let's designate a separate shelf in the wardrobe and clean it thoroughly. It is also better not to keep pillows nearby, quilts and sheets of the clothes we use. There are many microbes on them that can eventually penetrate textiles. The shelf intended for this purpose should also not be too small - bedding should not be forcibly forced. We can then spoil the filling of the quilt and pillows or pull the pillowcases - in the end wardrobes are often full of protruding nails and hinges. The best option where we will store duvets and pillows can therefore prove to be a place on the top shelf of the wardrobe.
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Bedding storage - where to store the duvet and sheets

Where else can you hide bedding?

We have already listed a few suggestions on where and how we can hide bedding, but this is not the end of ideas. A great solution is to hide duvets, pillows and sheets in the wardrobe, where they can freely be in the company of towels. However, much in this case depends on our space capacity. At last not all of us can afford an independent wardrobe or a room where we wash and iron. If we have a smaller house or flat, then the solution may be to invest in separate containers that will fit in the space changed their traditional form. Currently, they adapt to the interior design. They take the form of crates, they can also be used as a seat. We will also find containers that will be covered with a fabric of our choice and we will use them as pouffes every day. Yet another interesting idea for storing bedding in a wardrobe or in other place are vacuum bags. Such special covers will easily fit the entire set of bedding. Is So it's a great way to store bedding, especially since such covers can be placed practically anywhere in the room home - in a wardrobe, behind a bed or in a dresser drawer.

Bedding storage - where to store the duvet and sheets

Ironing bedding - should you do it?

Before we throw the bedding in the right place, it is worth ironing it first. This is actually a necessary procedure it allows us not only to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the quilt, sheet or pillows, but also removes any bacteria and microbes. By setting the iron to 100 degrees Celsius, we can be sure that all bacteria will be asked, and the bedding will be perfectly smooth and pleasant to the touch. So if any of you were wondering that ironing bedding is a necessary treatment, then we hasten to answer that it is even necessary!