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Less means more

The main mantra of the minimalist home decor is simplicity in every inch. Keep saving, subdued the decor and live as "less". What does this mean exactly? Let's see!


What makes the minimalist interior design "minimal"?

Limit your color palette


Minimalism concerns everything, including colors. Completely white interiors are very popular among minimalists. Gray and shades of nature also fulfill their role. You can break the monotony of neutral colors by adding accents of pastel monochrome. Be careful, however, because you can easily spoil the effect.

Use pure geometric forms


Minimalism is simple lines and shapes and flat planes. Keep symmetry, simple forms and luxurious bedding in the bedroom. So stay away from complicated furniture, decorated with the smallest details. They may look cute, but they are not for you. Stick to the principle: "flat", smooth and neat.
In our offer you will find numerous examples of furniture with ascetic, simple form. From bed, after tables, dressing table Finally benches.

Among our wooden beds, minimalists particularly liked absolute classics, such as: Short, Flat, Ol and SOM.  

less means more




Achieve balance thanks to the central point


Items, works of art, and even furniture can play the role of a central point in your space. The central element can be the iconic vase, image and even a piece of furniture contrasting with a generally neutral atmosphere of the interior. Perhaps they will be a good solution for you upholstered beds Berke, which will look at the original headboard or structure of materials.
Take a look at our tab with Samples of material - We offer over 200.



Quality priority over quantity


Create a hypnotizing minimalist interior with a thoughtful range of furniture that no one will want to leave. Skip fashionable elements that you can easily get tired of. Follow the classic that will last the test of time.
Invest in high -quality materials such as wood, marble or high quality porcelain. We know how important it is, which is why we have created our own carpentry workshop, where we enter the role of both designers and designers. So before the product goes to you, he must undergo a strict assessment of our designers.

less means more



Decorate wisely


Well, you can decorate, but watch out ... Yes! Don't overdo it. It's a motto!
What decorations can you introduce to your minimalist interior? Green is the perfect choice! Home plants in pots of the same size or different sizes, but of the same shape and color, will look perfect.

Think of pure forms, a concise palette of colors and subdued accessories, but do not hesitate to create a warm minimalist house with a gallery scenery. This is your place after all.


less means more