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What bed for a studio?

Arranging a studio is definitely not a simple task. When designing, we need to pay attention to the smallest detail, because each meter can be at a premium. That is why we usually try to find solutions that will allow for effective and tasteful planning of the entire space. One of the biggest problems we encounter when arranging a small apartment is unfortunately bed, which of course is necessary, but at the same time takes a lot of valuable space. By the way, we must also remember that comfortable sleep conditions are necessary for proper functioning during the day, which is why the bed cannot be set anywhere.

When choosing our place to rest - after all, it does not necessarily have to be a bed, because we can choose, for example, a sofa, let's pay attention to the studio. Before we choose specific bed, let's try to make accurate measurements, and then use the scale to customize the best solution.


What bed for a studio? 


A studio bed - which one should you choose?


Deciding on A bed in a studio, most often we focus on single beds, which, however, should also perform several functions. First of all, it is best if it serves us as a comfortable sofa during the day, to spend time during visits to guests or to watch TV. Secondly, it is important that it is comfortable and comfortable at night. One -man can also be a good choice bed with a container, which can be our salvation in a small apartment. Let's take care first of all that the bed chosen by us was comfortable and solidly made - After all, the safety and comfort of sleep are the most important in this case.





Bed folding in a studio


A very popular solution, practiced in studio apartments, is a folding bed, which can be found in both single and double versions. The dimensions of such beds can be selected individually, however, the most frequently chosen model is the one that is 200 cm long and 160 cm wide. In small studies, where the place is really limited, 140-centimeter models will also work.

Recently, a very interesting, though still not such popular solution is a bed hidden in a wardrobe, which practically does not exist for us during the day. Thanks to this, we optically significantly increase the area of ​​our apartment and in this place we can afford an additional piece of furniture. There are many mechanisms on the market where such beds work, but most often you only need to pull lightly, and the bed will open itself.




Bedroom in a studio - a sofa or bed?


Finally, we cannot fail to mention the eternal fight of sofas and beds, especially if we are dealing with a studio. Of course, a good quality bed will always be a better solution for our comfort and comfort of sleep. On the other hand, having a very small space, we sometimes need to translate functionality over comfort. And so it happens in this case. A sofa with sleeping function is an ideal place to rest during the day, as well as to the so -called possessions with friends. The sleeping function, in turn, which modern sofas or corners have is a great proposition for this type of interior.


What bed for a studio?
What bed for a studio?