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When to change the bed to the bed?

There is a time when parents are thinking about changing the bed for a child, and more precisely his cot with rungs, for the first, full, even adult bed. Usually, such thoughts begin when the child ceases to fit in his children's bed and it becomes uncomfortable for her. Interestingly, even specialists in this field cannot directly answer the question when to replace the cot - it is recommended that the parents themselves choose the right moment for such a change. After all, who knows the needs of their child better than them?

When to change the bed to the bed? 



Cot 120x60 - to what age?


A cot for a child is an extremely important topic for both the comfort and parents. A healthy sleep plays a huge role in the care, development and comfort of the child, but also parents. After all, in his first cot, the baby often acquires such valuable skills as sitting, standing at the railing and of course a dream. Cots for the youngest are standard size 120 x 60 Centimeters and such a cot is also chosen for their child. It serves him up to about the age of three, although it is not, as we have already mentioned, a permanent barrier. After all, every child grows differently and also his needs at a given age are different. Nevertheless, it is statistically the most rational age, When it is worth looking for a bigger solution. It can be A cot with a size of 140 x 70 centimeters, which we can then easily convert into a couch, which the child will use the next few years.


When to change the bed to the bed? 


How to protect the bed so that the child does not fall?


Virtually every parent is concerned that the toddler will fidget in his sleep and can fall off his cot. This is not an exaggerated fear, therefore PRactically, every baby cot has rungswhich protect them from falling out. When we decide on a larger bed, unfortunately we no longer have such rungs and here the problem begins. That is why furniture manufacturers found a solution for this and began to use beds for children with a barrier. This is a great way to give your child some freedom, but also for maximum protection. The barriers, of course, as the name suggests, are designed to protect our children from falling out. What's more, some bed models even have additional protective caps made of soft and colorful material, such as plush - thanks to this we not only increase the protection, but also decorate the children's room.




What bed for a child to choose?


When the moment came to change the bed to the bed, It is worth immediately thinking about a few aspects that will not only significantly improve the comfort of the toddler's sleep, but also allow him to gently go between places to sleep. The first criterion we should pay attention to is bed size. If we want our child to spend at least a few years in it, then Let's choose a bed not less than 80 x 200 centimeters. On the other hand, we should not go crazy with the width, because the child may not feel comfortable in a much broader bed.

The second aspect is of course the construction. We currently have a huge selection on the market. The simplest design consists of a typical couch. Such a bed has a low headboard, there are also no additional construction solutions. We would focus on the bed with a railing, which gives the toddler a sense of security and protects them at the beginning of the adventure with a new bed. An interesting option is also beds with an additional, retractable bed, which can be a godsend for a parent if a child cannot fall asleep.

Finally, of course, we have to mention aesthetics and colors. The children's bed should be well blended with the entire interior arrangement, so before choosing, adjust them to the other elements. Remember, however, that the frame frame itself is not too colorful - the saturation with colors from the characters from your favorite cartoons can finally be found on bedding and pillows.


When to change the bed to the bed?