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What bed size should you choose?

You can't hide that the bed is one of the most important furniture in our home. Each of us spends statistically from 6 to 8 hours a day. For some it's even 1/3 of life! That is why choosing the right bed is so important. Its size plays particular importance - because our comfort and sleep comfort will depend on this. The size of the bedroom, whose bed is to become a decoration, is also great.

What else should be guided when choosing the size of the bed? Is it worth choosing the largest bed or is it worth saving on dimensions and cutting costs? Together with our experts, we choose a comfortable bed and suggest what the width of the bed will be good for the single, and how for two. We invite you to read the article!



Single bed - which one should you choose?


When you choose a comfortable bed, you should think about how many people will sleep in it. The dimensions of a double bed will be completely different from the size of the bed for a single. Many people recommend buying beds with a minimum width of 90 cm. When choosing a bed size, however, remember that a better option is to choose a slightly larger sleep space, which guarantees greater comfort of use.

What bed size should you choose? 


What should you consider when choosing a bed?


The larger the bedroom we have, the greater the arrangement possibilities we have. This also applies to beds that can be substantial and effective in large spaces. Unfortunately, however, not everyone can afford such a royal bed. We often have quite a lot of restrictions on both the area and financial resources for this type of piece of furniture. Fortunately, shops currently offer a huge selection of dimensions of beds for single and multiplayer bedrooms. On the other hand, we should not immediately approach the attitude that in the case of a small bedroom, we are doomed to a small bed. What are the dimensions of the bed in the bedroom therefore optimal? For this purpose, we should consider three aspects that we move below.

  • number of people - Let's face it, the more people he should sleep in one bed, the wider it must be. If we choose a bed only for ourselves, then we should focus on so that we can freely twist in it and take different positions. If we sleep with a partner or maybe still with a child, then you should take it for special attention.
  • Bedroom size - This is a very important aspect that we mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph. Of course, the smaller the surface, the smaller the bed. However, we must also remember about the first assumption.
  • Our preferences - Finally, we cannot forget about our private preferences - for many people it is very important. Remember, however, that the first two issues are key and you should get out of them. If we have the right conditions, then we can also successfully consider our preferences. Some prefer to have a huge space in bed, others are favored by the intimate atmosphere and proximity of the other person.



Dimensions of single beds


Your silhouette decides what the width of the bed will be the best for you.
Comfortable single bed with a container should count min. 90 cm wide. This is the right width of the bed for children, adolescents and people with slim body.
People with more complete shapes are recommended to choose a model with a larger size. The beds will work great in this role with a width of min. 120 cm width.

What bed size should you choose? 


Single bed - upholstered if wooden?


The trends of recent years have proven that many people are still deciding to choose an upholstered bed - though these wooden They are also a good choice. They can easily be adapted to the furnished interior.
A very important element of this type of furniture is their skeletal design. It allows you to design a bed with any dimensions, even different from the adopted standards. Upholstered furniture has one more important advantage - especially if there are children at home. This furniture does not have hard finishes - that's why many people decide to choose an upholstered bed. The ability to choose any upholstery fabric means that you can always reach for stains resistant upholstery. This material also does not require complicated cleaning.


Dimensions of double beds


To be good choose bed size For a couple, remember that it is intended for two. This means that their The width should be greater than 120 cm which works well in the case of a single. It is also necessary to pay attention to whether it will fit into the marriage bedroom. Unfortunately, in many apartments the bedrooms have only a few square meters. We are talking about surfaces within 7-10 m2. When dealing with such an interior, you should carefully plan its development. The bed should not have too massive construction. It can then overwhelm the interior of the bedroom.



The size of the bed for the marriage bedroom

The dimensions of the double bed should take into account the predispositions of both people. Many people say that in the case of a single, a bed up to 120 cm wide will work -However, for two 160 cm. As a producer with many years of experience, we can safely say that the dimensions of the double bed from 140 cm wide work, and it all depends on the space you have in your bedroom. In our offer of Berke beds you will find beds with width: 140, 160, 180 and even 200 cm.

You still don't knowwhat widthWill the beds be the best for you? Contact us or write to

At Berke, we design beds that you can easily adapt to your comfort of use and the dimensions of the bedroom. Familiarize yourself with our collection bed wooden, upholstered, with a container and without a headboard; mattress and other accessories that will change your bedroom! We hope you find a dream piece of furniture for yourself!

What bed size should you choose?