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Pet Friendly and Magic Clean in Berke upholstered beds


Manual craft


In Berke, we combine the highest quality with good design. We take into account the functionality, convenience, durability and many other components that make the furniture stay at home for many years.
We do not recognize compromises. We are aware that our choices will have a direct impact on the fate of future generations. All products undergo a number of usability tests before they get into your hands.
That is why we created our own carpentry workshop. We are also designers and constructors. We have every stage of production under control. We are constantly looking for new forms - we go beyond standard aesthetics, we experiment and prototype unconventional ideas. Thanks to this, we are ready to respond to unusual needs and challenges thrown by customers and fulfill special orders.

Pet Friendly and Magic Clean in Berke upholstered beds 


Upholstered beds


Upholstered beds
Berke occurs in over 200 fabrics with different properties. The material, used for the production of furniture, has an OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certificate. It guarantees that the raw material is free from harmful substances, safe for people and environmentally friendly.

We offer upholstered beds with or without bedding, in the version:

A wide range of size: 100x200, 120x200, 140x200, 160x200, 180x200 and 200x200. On special request, we are able to make beds under the mattress of the length 210 or 220 cm.

Products that are the most popular are ready to order in the online store. Furniture collection is worth recommending Slim, which is distinguished by a thin, upholstered headboard. It is also worth paying attention to the Moreia series, which is characterized by an extremely simple, thicker headboard.
If you can't decide to choose a fabric or choosing a wood color, the best way is Order of sampleswhich will make it easier to make a decision.

Pet Friendly and Magic Clean in Berke upholstered beds


Purchases of upholstery fabrics

You decide to choose the upholstery fabric of the bed

Pet friendly - animal -friendly upholstery fabrics

We focus on Berke on comfortfunctionality and The durability of our furniture. We have fabrics with the convenience of the owners of quadrupeds in the offer Pet friendly. The ease of cleaning furniture in a house where pets live is extremely important. Pet Friendly fabrics are not only easy hair removal. The materials of this collection are characterized by exceptional durability and resistance to animal scratches. They were tested that confirmed their high resistance to dragging as a result of scratching. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the upholstery used in furniture has an above -average strength. Check a collection of fabrics with a marking Pet friendly: 13, 21, 29, 30, 32


Magic Clean - guaranteed ease of maintaining the cleanliness of the fabric

Upholstered furniture should be functional and extremely easy to clean, especially those dedicated to children. The basic feature of Magic Clean upholstered fabrics is that it is very easy to keep them clean. Magic Clean technology is a specially developed protective barrier. Thanks to it, you can easily and quickly get rid of all kinds of stains and dirt only using a cloth with water. There is no need for detergents harmful to the environment. In addition, the cleaning process itself does not damage the fabric, and the furniture maintains maximum comfort of use. In the store's offer you will find products with the designation Magic Clean: 02, 03, 05, 13, 16, 18, 19, 21, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32

Pet Friendly and Magic Clean in Berke upholstered beds