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Wood in the living room – inspirations

Recently, interior design trends are increasingly moving towards natural colors, but also materials. Without a doubt, the most popular of them is wood, which has become dominant on the floor, on the stairs, but also in the living room.

Currently, the use of wood, both in traditional and more modern styles, appears in many apartments and houses. After all, it is a raw material with great aesthetic and functional values. As a natural material, it brings beauty, elegance, style and class to the interior of the living room. It also adds nobility and coziness. So how can we properly introduce wooden elements into our living room? Let's find out…

Wood in the living room – inspirations

Wood in the living room – inspired by history

An extraordinary atmosphere and unique character in rooms can be achieved by choosing floors made of boards and parquets with clear grain patterns and the presence of knots. These elements give the interior a unique character, especially when combined with furniture that has a story in itself. The perfect complement to such arrangements is patinated furniture, which exudes the charm of wood exposed to weather conditions.

The use of special techniques, such as brushing, and various preparations, including: waxes, oils or coloring varnishes, it allows you to give new floors an effect similar to that which shapes wooden surfaces after many years. Floors with a strong effect of weathered or bleached wood allow you to display the richness of colors and structures, giving the interior balance and a unique rustic atmosphere. It is this combination of historical inspirations with a modern approach to space arrangement that creates a unique and pleasant experience in every room, including, of course, the living room.

How to introduce wood into interior design?

Integrating wood into the design of a living room is a fascinating adventure during which we can experiment with creativity. Unlike the kitchen, where functionality is key, or the bedroom, where the priority is the atmosphere of coziness and intimacy, in the living room we have the freedom to choose even the most daring arrangement solutions. One of the modern and interesting ways to change the space in the living room is to use wood on the wall in the living room, which will give an elegant character.

Wood in the living room – inspirations

The versatility of wood appears to be its greatest advantage in the context of arrangement. It is a material that goes perfectly with various styles and colors, and can also give the interior a cozy character or introduce dynamic energy into it. The final effect largely depends on the choice of the specific type of wood used on the living room wall. If the living room is connected to a kitchenette, it is also necessary to take into account the specific conditions in this zone. Wood placed in the kitchen area is exposed to moisture, so it is worth choosing exotic species that are more resistant to moisture and changing temperatures, especially if we want to install wood on the wall in this part of the apartment. Spanning warm and tropical climates, the trees are more resistant to moisture, making them an ideal choice for areas prone to humid conditions.

Wooden panels on the wall for a total look

Large, decorative wooden panels on the wall in the living room have a huge impact on achieving a total look in the living room. However, the total look style is not for everyone, as some people may feel overwhelmed by a uniform color scheme that lacks contrasting color compositions or detail elements. Therefore, spaces in this style sometimes carry the reputation of being monotonous and devoid of charm. Nevertheless, these defects cannot be attributed to wooden interiors. Why?

Warm wood differs significantly from the raw, uniform surfaces that often dominate the total look or English style. This material is full of interesting patterns, such as visible grain, which means that furniture, panels or floors made of wood immediately enliven the room, giving it a warm and cozy feeling. Placing wood on the wall is, after all, a bold choice, but at the same time a decision that fans of rustic, retro or highlander arrangements will certainly not regret. Even interiors with a modern character may like such a decor element, especially when the wood is combined with bold accents, such as black or classic white colors. The combination of wood with materials such as steel or glass will also work perfectly, giving the room a distinctive character.

Wood in the living room – inspirations

Bright boards for a Scandinavian-style living room

A light wooden wall in the living room is a natural element of the design of a living room in a Scandinavian style. In some cases, large wooden panels may not be appropriate, and sometimes we are looking for a more subdued and light effect. Owners of small apartments should also consider whether the expressive texture and grain of the wood or too dark a color will overwhelm their space.

In such situations, it is worth choosing light colors for walls and furnishings. White, reflecting sunlight, makes the room brighter and optically larger. We can also decide to place boards in shades of very light beige, gray or white on the wall, covering the space from floor to ceiling. Introducing Scandinavian-style elements, such as recently very fashionable slats, may also be a great idea for arranging a living room. They add a bit of a vintage note and open up new decorative possibilities.

Natural, light wood is a natural raw material that is an excellent alternative and the best solution than wallpaper imitating wood or painting walls with paint. Introducing a distinctive wooden accent to the living room is also a way to create a cozy, relaxing environment that will certainly be welcome after a long day.