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Beds without headboard 140x200 1

Beds without headboard 140x200

Minimalism in the best sense of the word.

The bed without a headrest is ideal for a small bedroom, in the attic or in interiors with decorative wallpapers on the wall.

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Oak Bed Flat | Lite
Łóżko dębowe Flat Lite 1
Łóżko dębowe Flat Lite 2
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Oak Storage Bed Flat
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Upholstered Storage Bed Flat
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Berke's offer includes a wide selection of beds without a headboard, which are made of the highest the quality of the materials. Our wooden and upholstered headless beds are a bit more minimalist in character at the same time very high strength and careful workmanship. These types of beds have been adapted to the needs many customers, regardless of the preferred style. We have a wide range of colors and types of beds to choose from, from the single, through the double to the bedroom, to the double with a bedding container that will allow save us a lot of space in the room. This type of bed is available with us in various configurations and on you will surely find exactly what you are looking for.

Bed without headboard 140x200 - the quintessence of modernity and minimalism

Modern style is open to original solutions and so are beds without a headboard, which, although they are minimalistic, they can often attract many eyes with their simplicity. This kind of bed perfectly they will work in modern, but also minimalist interiors, giving the bedroom a Scandinavian-Japanese style. This it is for such solutions that the most classic and traditional bedrooms with furniture are currently being created also an element of decoration. A bed without a headboard will work both in a youth room and in a matrimonial bedroom. It is also a good solution for a futuristic style bedroom. If we have a small one to arrange bedroom and the bed is pushed against the wall, it's also a bull's-eye. A bed without a headboard is also much easier put under the window. If this is your only option for the location of the bed - bet on this type of frame.

Bed frame without headboard 140x200 - a way for a small bedroom

Beds without a headboard actually consist of the frame itself. exactly that a bed frame without a headboard is a key element here, which, like all furniture, must be carefully, elegantly and solidly made. If we want, we can also choose a bed with a frame that will take on interesting form and shape. What's more, regardless of which one we choose, it will be very easy to build and folded. Recently, more and more often we can also meet beds without a backrest with an extended frame, which in many spaces it looks very aesthetic and is a perfect frame for any mattress.

Bed to the bedroom without headboard 140x200 - go for minimalism in your bedroom

Beds without a headboard are paradoxically a very characteristic and expressive piece of furniture, therefore, despite their simplicity, require many additives. In themselves, despite the simple form, they can be modern and timeless, which is why whatever our final choice, let's try not to overwhelm them with many heavy additions. very it is also a good idea to place such a bed in the central part of the bedroom, thanks to which we can provide an original design. What should also be remembered in the case of a bed for a bedroom without headboard? First of all, about not cluttering up space. Fewer cabinets, wardrobes or tables will work in this case definitely. You can replace this type of furniture with a container built into the frame. dry arrangement savings will make the bed look much better. Let's also remember about the right one frame selection. Its height should stabilize the mattress well - it should hide in the frame and not even move during a restless night.

A bed without a headboard 140x200 will plan our space well

A big advantage of a bed without a headboard is its mobility and the possibility of placing it practically in any salaries. Thanks to the fact that it does not have a headboard and consists practically of the frame itself, we are able to move them with little effort, to the dream place, and its actual dimensions are smaller than in the case beds with a headboard. Of course, a bed frame without a headboard must be made very carefully and properly to bear any type of mattress, but this does not change the fact that this type of bed is more mobile, rather than large double beds with a headboard. A bed for a bedroom without a headboard is therefore the ideal solution only in small rooms, but also in a situation where the bedroom is not arranged or when we often like make some changes to the arrangement. Choosing a bed without a headboard is primarily about minimalism. Check which model will be the best for you - do you need a bed without a headboard with a chest, upholstered, do you have other expectations?

Beds available in size 140x200.