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The mattress for bed is one of the most important elements of the bedroom - and choosing the right mattress for your sleep mode will guarantee great comfort and healthy rest.

Check our offer of hybrid, spring and foam mattresses.

Many factors influence our sleep. Self-perception before going to bed, humidity, the bed, but above all the mattress. It is the right mattress that can make sure that we wake up every morning well rested and in a great mood. There is no single rule we should follow when choosing a mattress. There are many factors deciding what the best mattress will be for us and there are two main types on the market - foam and spring mattresses. Of course, this is not everything. The firmness of the mattress, its construction and even the removability of the cover are equally important.

Mattresses - a wide range at the berke shop

The berke shop offers a wide range of high-quality bedroom mattresses for a comfortable, convenient and healthy sleep. After all, the right mattress is the basic and most important part of your bed, and therefore your bedroom. The mattress is also decisive when it comes to the quality of your sleep. For this reason, our range only includes mattresses with the most up-to-date technology applied, ensuring the utmost in durability, but also in naturalness. The wide range of products will allow everyone to choose a mattress ideally suited to your figure and individual needs. A good mattress should allow you to adopt only the optimum sleeping position, thanks to which our body undergoes regeneration. This improves blood circulation and relaxes the muscles.

Bed mattresses - high sleeping comfort

Only the best quality foam and spring mattresses can be found in the extensive berke range. The main focus is on quality, durability and comfort of the mattresses. After all, sleep plays a key role in our lives, which is why it is so important to choose the best possible sleep surface. We also realise that every customer is different, so the choice of mattresses should be extensive. Therefore, we can offer you foam, latex, spring or thermoelastic mattresses. Bearing in mind children, we have also prepared dedicated models for them. Thanks to this, everyone will find something for themselves, which will ensure their sleep comfort and good mood throughout the day.

Bed mattresses - comfortable foam mattresses

Foam bed mattresses are very versatile mattresses that can be placed both directly on the floor and, of course, in the bed frame. This makes them ideal for everyday use. This type of mattress is made up of one large piece of foam or several layers of foam. They are most often double-sided, very comfortable and durable. They are characterised by a durable and uniform construction and excellent breathability. The insert of such a mattress is most often made of polyurethane foam, which is very good news for allergy sufferers as it is anti-allergic and provides good thermal insulation of the mattress.

Bedroom mattresses - practical spring mattresses

The berke shop also offers extremely practical and comfortable spring mattresses - both bonell and pocket-spring mattresses. What is the difference? Sleeping mattresses differ primarily in their construction and the arrangement of the springs. A Bonell mattress is filled with springs in the shape of an hourglass, which are then connected by a rigid wire. Thanks to this solution, the pressure on one side of the mattress is felt evenly over the entire surface. A pocket mattress, on the other hand, works in the following way - each spring is placed in a separate pocket. This creates a point elasticity effect, which promotes a better adaptation to the shape of the body, in turn translating into a better and more comfortable sleep.

Children's sleeping mattress

The berke mattress shop also offers mattresses ideally suited for children. After all, it is important to remember how important the sleeping comfort of our little ones is. Such a mattress should therefore be resistant to daily wear and tear and must provide your child with ideal sleeping conditions. The products offered by our mattress shop are made of foam to provide comfort and support during sleep. The children's mattresses, just like the mattresses for adults, are available in different sizes to suit the size of the bed and the natural growth of the child.