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by Hilding

Hilding Pasodoble Mattress

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Very hard Hilding Pasodoble mattress. Recommended especially for people who prefer a harder surface, seniors, people with spine problems and those with increased weight.

Very hard

Pasodoble is a mattress with health-promoting properties based on pocket springs . Recommended especially for people who prefer a harder surface, seniors, people with spine problems and those with increased weight. Its design provides solid support for every part of the body. On one side of the insert there is a layer of coconut mat , which increases hardness while maintaining optimal elasticity and elasticity. On the opposite side, the properties of Sisal - a natural agave fiber that stabilizes the hardness of the mattress - were used.

You can choose from a Velvet or Tencel cover with anti-allergic properties.

Pasodoble is a mattress with properties supporting the rehabilitation process of postural defects. By passing a number of restrictive tests and examinations, the mattress obtained the status of a class I medical device.

This is a medical device. Use it according to the instructions for use or label.

Velvet cover

Extremely soft and delicate to the touch cover with innovative Purotex technology using natural probiotics. It guarantees healthy sleep thanks to the microcapsules contained in the cover. The capsules gradually burst, releasing probiotics that fight allergens that cause dust allergies and asthma. Removable cover, washable up to 60°C.

Tencel cover

Natural, anti-allergic cover made of modern viscose fibers. It perfectly controls the moisture level of the mattress, absorbing its excess directly from the sleeping person's skin. Tencel fibers do not irritate and naturally prevent the growth of bacteria. Removable cover, washable up to 60°C.

Technical data


  • 7-zone pocket spring,
  • coconut fiber on one side,
  • on the other side Sisal fiber,
  • Flexifoam foam on both sides, 3 cm high
  • Cover: Velvet or Tencel, wash at 60°C

    Height: approx. 23 cm (Velvet), approx. 23 cm (Tencel)

    Mattress type: spring

    Warranty: 15 years

    Fulfillment, delivery and returns

    Comfortable delivery and carrying to a designated place in the apartment, regardless of the floor or the availability of an elevator. The carrier should contact you within 3 business days to confirm the delivery date.

    Free returns: extended return period up to 30 days. Self-service, free returns only for logged in users!

    Customer Service
    Daily (Mon - Sun) 9:00-18:00.
    Standard response time: 1 working day.

    7 hardness zones

    15 years guarantee

    For allergy sufferers

    For heavier people

    For people with back pain

    For couples

    For seniors

    Washable at 60 degrees



    Medical component

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