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A creaking bed - how to avoid it?

A calm, healthy and comfortable sleep is without a doubt the key to well -being and efficiency during the day. After all, it is during rest and relaxation in bed that we regenerate our body and collect strength for new challenges. However, for the rest we expect, they are necessary comfortable conditions, i.e. good quality bed, which he has comfortable mattress And what is equally important - it doesn't creak! Nothing annoys us like feeding the bed during every move. So how can we deal with this problem?

There can be many causes of creaking of the bed, And the longer we use them, the more often we can observe this annoying sound. Sometimes it is also the case that immediately after purchase bed He can creak. Let's take a closer look at this problem and try to fight it.

A creaking bed - how to avoid it 



A way for a creaking bed - how to find it?


As we mentioned at the very beginning, the reasons for creaking bed There can be many, so before we get to repair the fault, we must first find its cause. Most often the problem lies in the bed frame, frame or mattress. At the beginning, therefore, let's review our bed thoroughly and look for elements that can be responsible for this unpleasant sound. Below are five ways that in the vast majority of cases should pass the exam.

  • Tightening all screws - As we wrote above, the most common culprits are a frame or bed frame. Which is why pay attention to permanent connections, Because it is often the case that The bed creaks due to the loosening of screws or screws. Let's tighten them - we can still use pads to prevent them from unscrewing.
  • Spring ooles - In the case of beds that have springs, they are the problem. Fortunately, there is also an easy way to get rid of it. Vegetable oil, glycerin can be a salvation or a well-known WD-40 preparation for us. During the oil of springs, we can do the same with metal connecting elements.
  • Use of beeswax - It works primarily in wooden beds, which are exposed to continuous work. As wood is a natural material, it also works constantly, which in time can manifest itself with unpleasant sounds. Therefore, it is best if We will rub beeswax, a candle or paraffin into wooden elements. Thanks to this, we will minimize friction.
  • Insulating the mattress from the frame - a common problem is Frame with a mattress, which can cause creaking. Therefore, it is worth isolating these two elements from each other with a felt or sponge. We can also do the same with Metol frame, however, then we recommend Applying rubber sleeves that will suppress the sounds.
  • Gluing moving elements - If the above methods do not help, the only effective solution may be to glue moving frame elements. For this purpose, use polyurethane glue, which will connect all the elements together, which means that they will not be rubbed.




A creaking bed frame - how to fix?


Many unpleasant sounds can be made just by the frame on which it lies mattress. Continuous operation and weight of our body causes the frame to work, moves and rub against the frame all the time. Therefore, in this case, we usually have two repair options - Effective isolation of the frame from the frame and accurate ooles of all metal elements of the frame. In the first case, we can use special overlays made of felt or sponge, but also rubber sleeves, which we apply to the frame - thanks to them the sounds are suppressed, and the creaking, if it even occurs, will be much quieter.

An excellent method that we can use even if you choose the first option is to carefully ooles all metal frame elements. Let's take advantage of what we have at home, i.e. vegetable oil or glycerin, or buy irreplaceable WD-40.

A creaking bed - how to avoid it 



Why does the bed creak? Maybe the culprit is a mattress?


Looking for the problem of a creaking bed, we usually see it in a frame or frame, without paying more attention to the mattress, which, as it turns out, is often the culprit of all the confusion. Of course, almost one hundred percent of cases, the cause of creaking will be those models whose structure consists of springs. They are the reason for unpleasant sounds. We mean above all here bonell springswhich bend and make noise under the weight of our body. So why do we buy such mattresses? There can be two answers - either we are not aware of making a choice, or convinces our much lower price compared to much better mattresses. Remember, however, that it is worth investing in a pleasant, healthy and comfortable sleep. In the end it constitutes about 1/3 of our whole life! However, if we intend to buy a spring mattress after all, then choose a pocket model. In such mattresses, the springs are placed in separate pockets, thanks to which they do not rub against themselves and do not generate such creakings.

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A creaking bed - how to avoid it